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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why your product is not selling

How to increase the sales of your product

I usually tell most of the people around me that one of the major reasons behind almost everyone’s desire to start a website is to attain certain objectives in mind. But what could that be? Almost everyone wants to be rich or famous behind his or her own website. But now, what if you depended on your website (your products) in order to be successful and could not realise that dream?

Though this might not be one of your aims behind a website, but I want you to know that they are many others who depend on the sales of their products in order for them to attain their desires.

It’s because of this group of people that I decided to compile all what I know and how I managed to raise others who were in same shoes.

So, in order for me to play this roll effectively, I am going to explain some of the reasons why your product is not selling and how you can use this flaws to attain success, righty?

Why your product is not selling

Do you know that no matter what you sell, they are people somewhere who actually need it? Now if they are people who really need it, why are they not buying? The answer to this question is very simple!

People are not buying your product because of its price. When you raise the price of your product, it affects your customers especially when they have very little or no knowledge about your product and in some cases, when they are many competitors selling the same product. In return, customers will scare away without you even knowing why.

This is why many people get frustrated after the sudden decrease in sales. They automatically believe their product is not the best and so, when they themselves ignore it, the customers do same as well.

So, if in any way you discover this about your product, in order to determine whether your customers are fate up or as a result of the price, try to cut down its price and see how it works.

Show them what your product can do

Another reason why your product may not be selling has to do with total ignorance of what it can do to the world. When you create a very good product and no one knows about, it certainly boils down to fall in demand. That is just like giving a diamond to a man who can’t see.

It is no wonder why when a company comes up with a new product/service, they don’t first persuade people to buy it but they try to show their customers how their product/service can be of great importance to them. At certain instances, they even place the price affordable to everyone and when people get used to it, they now increase the price to cover their past loses.

So, what about you? What do people know about your product? In order for you to sell your product, you have to let your customers see clearly and understand what it can do for them (its benefits) only then would your sales increase.

Lack of discount and coupon

Your product maybe very good, attractive, and persuasive yet you are not selling. I know it’s hard to believe but to some people, this is true. Your product maybe having all these qualities but yet lacking certain other criteria such as discount and coupons which your competitors give make your own product not to sell.

Could you believe that? Yes, indeed! This is because, since everyone doesn’t want to feel cheated, they prefer going where they believe they will be safe.

There are many advantages of placing these features on your products. When a good carries all these, your sales do not only increase at the moment, but it guarantees tomorrow’s sales since your customers will always come back for these discounts. After all, who doesn’t want discount?

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