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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why you should start a small business

Advantages of small businesses

Have you ever thought of starting up a business? Which classification have you thought of? A resent research shown that, when starting a new sort of business for the first time, itís always advisable to start the business whenever necessary but in the form of a small business.

I consider this statement to be valid because, there are many advantages that come as a result of starting small than the big way we know.

I believed thatís the same reason why almost all of these famous businesses we have around started from step one before reaching the present level today.

Why you should start a small business

In this article, I am going to explain some of the reasons why you should start a small business and for me to do that, I am going to let you know some of the benefits of putting up something in business form, right?

  • Easy to fund: One of the main advantages of starting a small scale business is the advantage it has to set up with very little capital. This is so because, you donít necessarily have to obtain many $$ or ££ to start. What you have can still do it even in real world. Like with the case of starting an online business like setting up a website, you can do it totally free without having to spend a penny. For example, it took me just about $32 to set up this website ( which may be equivalent to nothing compared to what it brings back to my bank account.
  • Easy to set up: When starting a grand business, there are more to be considered than setting a small one. For example, before starting up a big business, one must need the organisation of workers, staffs, manager etc. before expecting the success of the business, right? But with something small, you donít have to go through all those long and time consuming processes. What they can do, you along can still do it and do it very well since you manage the day-to-day administration of it along.
  • Easy to manage: Have you noticed that, when a grand business type collapse, the main reason usually comes as a result of poor management? But this is not the reverse with small business type. For the fact that the business is small, you easily spot out and correct any mistake in it and moreover, the decision taking is fast giving the chance to quickly correct errors as compared with the big one.
  • Easy to manage without sacrifice: Do you know that as a result of certain type of businesses, for one to succeed, he/she must abandon his real profession or else, he will encounter bankrupt? But you wonít find this with the small type. There are usually very easy to run and maintain while continuing with your profession. And thatís why many civil servants and business men extent in other forms of business without having to feel any change in their life style and thatís why you should start a small business.
  • You are the boss: This means that you have the advantages of working when and where you want. You are the one who set the business schedule and the day-to-day management of it. And with this advantage, you can also run other businesses or have time for your social life while your bank account continue to accumulate.

Above all, small businesses are risk free

Itís very possible to see someone frustrated in life as a result of investing everything in a certain kind of business and thatís why he gets hurt if that business collapsed.

But with the case of small businesses, this is the exact opposite because the actual amount usually invested in small businesses is too small in a way that, if it has to shut down (by you/by law), you will have nothing to lose, right? Since you started with very little or nothing.

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