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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why you might not be motivated

Why you might not be motivated

There many reasons why people become self-motivated unlike there are many reasons why others aren't motivated.

In one of my previous articles Why some people lack self-motivation, I explained how we get motivated when we get involved in what we like and how forcing oneself in the wrong activities can tend to hinder the motivation process.

Why you might not be motivated

When someone lacks the will power to motivate himself, in most cases it happens when he gets involved in activities outside his likings. For example, how would someone expects enjoying gymnastics when he never liked jumping?

That would just be as trying to convince a blind man that he can see. So you might not be motivated because you're not doing what you like.

I spend most of my time writing because I enjoy writing for others. This one factor is sufficient to motivate me even when I'm out of town.

The big question is why do i write always? The answer is simple! I write at any convenient time because i found writing as one of my passion in life.

So, if you're not motivated then what you're about/doing is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

You might not be motivated because of fear of failure

In my book The ultimate guide to online success, I said that fear of failure happens to be one of the main reason why so many people remain broken and same thing happens with self-motivation.

Do you know that just the thought of fear in one's mind can make him become less motivated to take conscious action in life?

Researchers found that the majority of people are afraid of failure than they fear death. They believe they can't run away from death but they can avoid failure in many other ways.

If you happen to be afraid of failure in any given task, then you'll certainly not be motivated enough since you wouldn't want to experience failure.

Failure is nothing to worry about; failure is part of success. One must fail before learning to succeed. If you're afraid to fail you'll never learn new stuffs; you're just be turning somewhere around life.

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