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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why we fall out of love

Reasons why we fall out of love

Why we fall out of love has just few reasons which one happens to be change and adjustment in love criteria. Love criteria is a list of our subconscious criteria which we unconsciously tend to find in a potential partner before the falling in love process begins (see Reasons for falling in love).

If among your love criteria, you placed great emphasis on truthfulness, youíll likely to get attracted to someone possessing this criterion than someone with same qualities but lacking in this criterion.

If later on some life experience occurred that you no longer value truthfulness, itís without doubt youíll start falling out of love and the same thing happens to other love criteria. In my book, I explained how a change in love criteria sometimes brings about cheating and how understanding your partner's love criteria can equally lead to a healthy relationship.

On the other hand our partners can still trigger it, then we fall out of love. For example, if you fell in love with someone believing that he was truthful and later discovered he's not, itís certain that if he doesn't switch this habit, you'll start to fall out of love with him.

Another good illustration as to why we fall out of love can be clearly seen with a guy who puts much weight on physical attraction. With this mindset, heíll definitely find a girl attractive if she appears to be physically feet.

As a result of the growing process, her appearance may begin drifting. At this point, it's certainly true that heíll start to fall out of love and if he doesnít switch out of this criterion, heíll finally fall out of love with her completely. No doubt at times we find someone interesting today and the reverse the next day.

Social pressures and falling out of love

Do you know that our society and friends also shape our minds? For example, a guy might tend to find a lady interesting when others tend to be praising her and the reverse is also true of females.

In this case, itís certain that itís social heredity that increases the attractiveness of her in his eyes.

If others start booing her or that some other girl overwrites her, itís without doubt that, if he canít avoid her, heíll start to fall out of love. These are just some of the reasons why we fall out of love and why people keep falling in and out of love.

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