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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why some people never recover from breakups

Why some people never recover after breakups

A research was carried out on the level of breakups after which it was cleared that more than 65% of relationships today end in breakups. If you prop further into it, youd discover that the majority of them split up not because they didnt love their partners but due to the fact that they used their relationships as a cover to satisfy their unmet needs.

After breakup, its just normal to feel hurt and some down times but whats not normal is when the recovery process takes more than the usual duration. In my book Getting over your ex in few days, I explained with practical examples how the recovery process takes just a matter of days if one apply only the right principles.

In this article, Id be talking on the reasons why many people find it difficult or never recover from breakups. At least, if youre in such situation, youd easily identify what causes breakups and those things that can hinder a person from recovering. But if you already broke up, then jump to this article how to recover from breakups.

Why some people never recover from breakups

Why do people never forget their exes? A person may find it the hard way if he/she happens to fall among one of the followings:

Relationship dependency is ahead on the list. Its when a person dives in a relationship just to feel good or accepted by others or for prestigious reasons or to escape unwanted situations. People at times seek pleasure and excitement in relationships. They usually hide under the pretext of true love probably influenced by certain chemical hormones released in the body. The truth is that the connection between them and their partners isnt love but some kind of self-desire (see Does unconditional love exist?).

The only problem here is that, if breakup strikes, how would they survive it? Its without doubt theyd be facing hell while returning to their previous stage of life (unwanted stage).

For example, a girl whos been ignored by her friends for not being popular may find happiness being in love with a popular guy so as to be regarded a popular girl. What happens if this relationship terminates? The reality here is that shed be heartbroken for months if not years not because she loved the guy but due to the fact that she used the relationship to boast and satisfy her social problems.

In my book 'Getting over your ex in few days', I said that relationship dependency happens to be one of the main reasons why many people get stuck somewhere along the recovery process and how it can also be used to get over your ex in just few days.

False belief about the one or soul mate

This is a situation where someone completely considers her partner to be the only march. The problem here with this kind of mindset is that no one guarantees the future. If by chance he dumped her, shed be facing hell during this period as a result of false belief. Im not against the concept of the one. What Im against is considering someone to be the only match because this concept alone left people broken hearted with the impression that theyd never get a replacement.

Anyone can be a perfect match if the person appears to match what we expect in a potential partner. Thats why we have certain love criteria which when someone marches them we tend to fall in love with the person. If your ex matches 62% of your love criteria and you found someone matching 70%, hed definitely become the best match. This therefore implies that, considering someone to be the one (the only match) is a false belief because it alone is sufficient to hinder the recovery process.

The concept of denial

This is another aspect why some people never recover from breakups. The concept of denial occurs usually after a relationship terminates. It occurs when one partner completely denies the fact that the relationship is over; stays by the phone expecting a call, relies on hopes that theyd get back again, visits old places with the aim of meeting the other partner.

This is one of the practices that many people get stuck at. Im not saying they shouldnt try to resolve matters anyway they can, but when its certain nothing can be done, letting go is the only way out. You can be expecting to recover while visualizing about same person.

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