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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why some people lack self-motivation

Why some people lack self-motivation

Research shows that about 62% of people lack the will power to motivate themselves. This fact alone has been the main cause for depression.

Without accurate knowledge on how to apply self-motivation, one develops weak spirits both physically and internally. Those who become self-motivated aren't those without problems but those who managed to survive.

Do you know why some people go bankrupt today and bounce back tomorrow? Why that is after repeating a certain class, the student finally passes? Why is that when a child starts learning to walk he falls many times before finally learning how to walk?

Life isn't all about giving up challenges. What if the child never motivated himself to walk would he not continue creeping? What if the businessman lost self-motivation would he had bounced back? Same as the student, if he never motivated himself, he'd end up like that before finally giving up.

Why some people lack self-motivation

Unlike the reasons why some people go through life suffering, there are also many reasons why the majority of people lack self-motivation:

  • They don't realize it: One of the main reasons behind this happens to be that in most cases they really don't know they need self-motivation to go further. This is because very few people understand themselves and others only get depressed without even knowing why.
  • Lacked of will power: Another reason why some people lack self-motivation boils down on their lacked of will power to take immediate actions. During this period they rely only on others or expert to do what they ought to be doing.
  • They go about pretending: Some people are consciously aware that they lack self-motivation but go about convincing themselves they're motivated. They just say it and expect miracles in return.
  • False beliefs: This one fact alone is sufficient enough to render the will power that motivates oneself. In one of my articles Impossible is nothing, I said that motivating yourself is nothing more than the belief that you can do anything if you want. This is because many people usually believe in the fact that certain things are impossible.

How to motivate yourself

In order to become self-motivated, you must destroy all the limiting beliefs. Nothing is impossible if you find it important. Realize you have a task and start taking actions today.

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