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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why some people lack self-confidence

Why some people lack self-confidence

When I first started learning about self-confidence and self-esteem, I came to discover many things about humans when concerning self-esteem. I realized that many people actually believed they are self-esteem while it’s the reverse. I also came to discover that most of them never struggle to work on their flaws but instead they tend to seek for ways to justify and confirm their false beliefs.

But at the same time, they are totally unconscious that the manner in which they go about doing things still portray a sign of lack of self-confidence. For example, you may see someone claiming to be confident but at the same time, you find him being afraid to start new things or openly express his thoughts. All this are signs of low self-confidence.

This comes from inner self-doubt else he would have believed in his own ideas. In this article, I am going to explain to you some of the main reasons why some people lack self-confidence and how you can use it to your advantage in order to build solid self-confidence, right?

Why some people lack self-confidence

  • Making unnecessary comparison: You will realize that most people suffering from self-confidence always try to seek acceptance by trying to make comparison in almost everything they do. When someone starts comparing his skills with others, it tends to weaken his self-confidence because later on, he will no longer believe in his own self.
  • Inferiority complex: Have you noticed that most people who believe they are not attractive is highly due to lack of self-confidence in themselves? Yes, it’s true. When someone is suffering from inferiority complex, he tends to lack self-confidence because he doesn’t believe in his own self. The worst part of it is that they usually compare their weak points and when they’re defeated, it tends to weaken their self-confidence. And this is why it’s difficult for such people to get over a breakup than a normal person since most of them feared they’ll not be able to attract another partner.
  • False belief system: This process is common among such people. People having false belief always see things differently. They see things when there is nothing. They wrongly interpret others and come up with incorrect conclusions about the worthiness of their selves. This therefore means that when someone starts trying to interpret almost every word he hears about himself, he soon tends to lose his self-confidence, right? Else, he would not have doubted anything about himself.
  • Past failures in life: Do you know that one of the main reasons why some people easy lose confidence in their selves is as a result of their past failures and inexperience? For example, if someone tried something in the past and failed, the probability that he will lose self-confidence is very high. But if he would have discovered that in order to succeed, one doesn’t have to give up, he would not have lost his self-confidence, right?
  • Trying to be perfect: When someone starts trying to be perfect in what he or she does or says, he or she indirectly tells others that they're suffering from a lack of self-confidence. This is because; most people who lack self-confidence always try to hide their flaws by trying to be perfect. This therefore means that trying to be perfect is an indirect way to lose your self-confidence.

How to gain self-confidence

Becoming self-confident is not something that cannot be learnt or studied. It’s nothing more than debugging all the errors in your belief system and the way you perceive people, yourself and other things, right?

If you found some of the above mentioned weaknesses in you, then use it to your advantage in order to build your self-confidence, right?

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