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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why some people control others

Why some people control others

Have you ever wondered why some people tend to feel better when in authority?

If you can see through the minds of these people you'll see things you'd never like to have seen; things they'll never like you to know about as well.

Very few people know that such people appear strong and confident outside but the truth is that deep down they're tied up with dozens of self-weaknesses.

In this article, I'm going to explain some of the reasons why some people control others and how this habit develops and what they're trying to achieve.

Why some people control others

  • Fears from within: People who tend to manipulate or control others happen to be suffering from deep fears within. These are people who never liked to be controlled by others. They prefer telling you what to do than telling them what to do. In order to be on the safest side, they tend to control you in order to avoid you controlling them.
  • To seek authority: These people will do anything to seize authority over your life in order to gain absolute control. Sometimes, if they wanted something and know you won't comply, they tend to be domineering to satisfy their unmet needs.
  • Avoiding past pains: At times human beings do make certain mistakes in the past that hunt them later in future. Let's say in the past his friend always tells him what to do, if he didn't like this aspect he might grow up becoming a control freak in order to avoid past emotional pains.
  • Fear of being left alone: One of the reasons why some people control others is rooted down on fear of being left alone. If they noticed that you're some kind of strength or support to them, they're tend to be controlling freak over your life.
  • Fear of admitting faults: They never admit they're wrong nor that they make mistakes, talk less of apologizing. They prefer to remain in their comfort zone by making other wrong and themselves right.
  • Weaknesses: Some people were born weak and so they try to avoid certain emotions and weaknesses. When they're faced with tough situations, they tend to feel strong by exercising some level of authority to impact their beliefs on to other that they're strong inside.

Final say on why people control others

As you can see, in most cases the origin of such habit boils down as a result of past weakness, failures in life, and insecurity of the future.

Next time you come across a controlling freak know that he's just trying to satisfy his emotional needs or dodging from some bad experiences.

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