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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why some people become players

Why are some people players?

Before I proceed any further, this article isn't talking about players in the real sense (nothing about sport) but those people who dive to romantic relationships in order to get more fans or some kind of means to feel better; today, they're with this and the next day comes with another lover and the process continues like that.

Almost everyone thinks players are courageous, confident, and popular but very few people know the truth about them. Romantic relationship players happened to be those suffering from self-worth and inferiority complexes. I know many of them wouldn't see with me through same lens but that's how their natures are.

Physically, most of them possess what is good outside, but do you know that their dark sides are greater than what you see physically? These are people who have wonderful secrets only them know about. They have internal secrets that they would never wish anyone to know. If you could see through their minds , you'll see things that you'll not believe and wish not to see any further.

If you happened to be a player, I know by now your subconscious mind would be saying something like “This is rubbish, close the page!!” No doubt! This is what players would never want to hear nor see. Below are some points compiled to explain as to why some people become players and how they feel inside after developing the habits.

Why some people become players

There are many reasons that make some people become players but the main factor in the list originated from lack of self-esteem. Very few of them know this. Relationship players are one of those people suffering greatly from internal self-worth.

Since this isn't what they wish about themselves, they tend to convince themselves and others that they're courageous enough and so this pushes them to create many relationship fans as possible. At least, this reliefs them from unwanted feelings of self-worth. If you managed to come across any honest player, they'll tell you about this better.

That's why they don't change partners, but rather, they randomly switch partners; you find them with him/her today and next day comes with another and the process continues like that in their lives. That's their style, they just can't stop. Trying to extract this habit from them is just like telling them something like “Hey guy, you're worthless. You're suffering from self-esteem. Man, work on your self-worth.”

This is one of the things they wouldn't want to take from anyone. Talking about change is like telling them “Welcome to the real world” something they detest.

Why are some people players? Insecure and unloved

Another reasons why some people become players boils down on their thoughts. In most cases, they feel unloved , insecure, and inferior. These are some of the factors that really push them to the wall.

Most players are people who believe deep down that they're unloved by other people and this one factor is enough to bring about inferiority complexes in them, and so forces fear in them. The only way out is to proof on to themselves and others that they're loved by others and the only way out is by becoming players.

At least, using this method, they create many partners in order to feel secure and the ability to know that they're needed by other people. But all this is just self-deception.

Why are some people players? Self-doubt

It has been said that 75% of people who became players originated from self-doubt and that's pretty true enough. Research still shows that many of them are lacking in many areas in their lives. This include lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem, feelings of emptiness, quest for popularity, eager to be like others etc.

All these are their unmet needs and so they unconsciously suffer everyday without really knowing. That's why some dodge to romantic relationship to feel loved, some dodge in order to feel accepted, while the third group dodge to feel popular. Any area in their lives where they're lacking, they just dodge in order to unconsciously satisfy their unmet needs.

Are you a player?

If you're a player, I know this is something you wouldn't want to be reading but that's how it is. Not everyone knows the origin of it. At least, you now know where the causes might be originating and where to begin, right?

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