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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why people put you down

Why do people put others down?

Why do people put me down? They don’t they motivate me? Why am I always treated as the least? How do they think about me? While these questions may be new to those who never felt this social disapproval, still, the questions are not surprising to those who suffer from this stigma.

Now, why do people put others down and raise certain people up? Why do they do this? As I can tell you, this boils down to how this group of people expose their data base to the public.

In this article, I am going to show you why people put you down because of your data base and on the other hand how you can change this data base to let them put you up.

Reasons why people put you down

One of the most common reasons why others even your closest friends may put you down is when they realised that you are socially weak. In one of my article, 'Why do people judge me falsely?', I explained some of the reasons why people may look others somehow and the same thing happens when they put you down. When they notice this about you, they easily torment you left and right. Just because of this, at sometimes, you may be treated with very little or no respect.

Another reasons for this is when these same people discover that you are dependent on them. When they do, they will tend to treat you the opposite way by pulling you down in front of others. Pius was just new in town and so badly needed a job for himself. During the first year which he struggled over a job to no avail, he now had to rely on those who accommodated him.

Because he was now depended, his prestige and dignity was robbed to the dust. He even admitted that ‘Because I had to rely on them, they used it against me and I had to be treated as half-human.

When people discover that you are less important to them, they tend to use you to their advantage by pulling you down since they have nothing to lose, right? And that’s why when two or more people are together, the others tend to raise the moral of the one whom they see some benefit while ignoring the one with less importance. In this case, what if you were the one of less importance?

How to make people put you up

  • Higher your level: One of the way you can let people put you up is by first raising your level. This is so because when people discover that they are of equal, they tend to respect each other. In one of my articles, 'Why do people treat me badly?', I said that in order to overcome people’s influence over you, you have to understand them and match their criteria.
  • Speak confidently: Do you know that when you tend to speak confidently among people, they tend to believe you? This there implies that if you know enough of what to say and speak in a confident manner, you will be respected.
  • Match their criteria: In book, 'How to make someone fall in love with you', I explained in detail how you can match someone’s love criteria to appear to be a perfect match and the same thing happens here. If you managed to match their criteria, they will find some degree of importance in you.

The ultimate words

As you can see, making people put you up or find you interest in not all about seating there and crushing in pains. You don’t necessarily need to do so much in order to be accepted. All you have to do is find a way of attracting their attentions.

This is nothing more than programming their subconscious minds to see some value in you. When you do that, you will discover that much attention will be turned over to you and that’s how you raise yourself up.

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