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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why people become boring

Why am I a boring person?

I know that at times in life we caught ourselves in certain mood which we really do not want. Sometimes we feel better about ourselves and sometimes we just wish to be alone but do you really know what causes this mood swings?

Unlike any other bad feelings about ourselves, do you know that being boring is also a formed habit? If you agree with me then you will also come to understand that before someone becomes a boring person, something must have ignited it that caused the habit.

In this article, I am going to explain to you some of the things which make people become boring and how you can use this to your advantage to become an interesting person.

Why people become boring

But before I tell you how to become interesting among your mates or strangers, I will first let you know why people become boring on to others.

  • You believe you are boring: A research was carried out after which it proved that people become boring when they believe that they are boring. I agree with that in the sense that most of them know this about themselves and instead of working this, they look but for ways to proof this to their selves.
  • You don’t talk: Another way which could make someone become a boring person is when he/she decides to always stay quit among others. This attitude makes people stay off you and when they do that, your subconscious mind tends to show you this as a proof that you are nothing but someone boring and that’s how the question (why am I a boring person?) is born.
  • You are shy: Another cause behind this habit is the act of shyness. This is because when you are shy, you tend to keep all your ideas and opinion only to yourself since there is no way to express yourself. This habit makes people consider you as being boring since you don’t speak nor say anything contributively.

How to become an interesting person

Becoming an interesting person is no magical science or something which cannot be learnt or thought. Becoming interesting is nothing more than spotting out your flaws and tackle each of them. This is because, behind this habit or isolation, there must be something which makes you different. Now, what is that thing? How are others behaving and how about you?

When you discover what is contrasting you people, start by solving them. For example, if you discover that what they usually talk on is unfamiliar to you, then you can break the spell by acquiring enough knowledge on the topic else, you will always be isolated. And same process applies to whatever you spot out.

Learn to interact with them

In order to interact with them, you must improve your self-confidence and this is nothing more than trying to always talk among them. You do not necessarily need to know much before you can talk, right?

If you have less knowledge of the topic, you can still be making serious comments. You can start by just confirming something they said, but on the other hand you will have to mind what you are confirming not to confirm just everything.

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