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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why people are selfish

Reasons for selfishness

Have you ever seen someone having everything but at same time being selfish to others? I have seen that many times, but the problem is why would someone have enough just for himself while others are lacking? Does it make any sense if they share with others?

Behind the sense of almost every selfish persons, they have many reasons for doing so which am going to explain to in this article.

But before I do that, I want you to know that selfishness reflects many aspects of them. For example, selfishness is a sign of their weaknesses, lack of self-control, the inability to safeguard the future etc.

What causes selfishness?

Whenever you see a selfish person, you see his weaknesses. Whenever I see a selfish person, it takes me just a short while to see a lack of self-control human being. Many times in life, our weaknesses appear in different forms and the same thing happens with such people as it reflects their weaknesses.

For example, an ambitious person might think that being openhanded hinders him from being a successful person in life thereby making him to become selfish and the same thing happens with anyone having enough but doesn’t want to share with someone. If they knew that being selfish doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, they would have changed and selfishness will no longer be their weakness.

Lack of self-control

Another reason that makes people become selfish is the inability to know who they really are (lack of self-control). Why people tend to be selfish is because they are afraid of the future.

For example, people who are selfish afraid that if they give out even 3% of what they have, they won’t be able to get it back. This really makes them think in an abnormal pattern because if they had control over their selves, they will certainly know that giving out few of what they have does not guarantee their downfall or hindering them from getting it back.

They don’t trust their selves, they doubt almost everything about their personalities and if you go deep you will find out that some of them constantly live with great fear of future.

How to get over selfishness

Selfishness is neither an incurable diseases nor something that cannot be controlled. Getting over selfishness is nothing more than setting attainable and realistic goals in life.

For example if you set a certain goal and work your way towards it and it’s certain you will reach there, you will see no reason to be selfish, right? Because no matter what you do or how generous you appear to be, you will certainly arrive at your goals. So setting decent plans for yourself is one way to wipe off the false belief of selfishness.

Another way is by developing your courage and confident to build a bright future and this is nothing more than dealing with your problems in life up the point where you now feel comfortable with life. At this point, the reverse will be different, you will certainly like to share your successes and the good times with others in order to let them feel you since you’ve already succeeded, right?

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