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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why most youths leave home

Why most youths leave home

Although, Nelson was not married, he began living with his girlfriend. They had parties where beers flowed freely and he often ended up drunk.

It's true that once you leave home you have more access to do all the things you wanted.

However, to be completely honest, is it not often times used as an opportunity to do unnecessary things? (See Should I leave home? )

Why are some youths pressurize?

For many youths, leaving home is simply a way of getting out of intolerable situation at home. Usually, this is simply because they want to be independent out of home due to the fact that living with their parents is no longer satisfying.

Associates. Another cause for it is the kind of friends they associate with. For instance, if a youth starts associating with friends who usually spend time in bars and nightclubs, he/she will also be influenced to be like them and the majority of parents won't accept such behavior or friends.

The problem here is that since most youths will not resent, they will instead turn to seek personal independent.

Another cause may be misunderstanding between youths and parents. That is always getting into arguments with parents and sometimes the youths feel that they don't understand them and their needs and they turn to leave home.

If you are a youth hoping to be independent then jump to this article Should I leave home?.

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