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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why hurts after breakups?

Why feeling pains after breakups

One of the pleasant gifts we have today is the relationship we share with others, but the nastiest thing that could ever happen to it is when it turns to breakup. Even though temporal breakups are bound to exist here and there in every relationship, still if you go into details, you will realized that in happens in most cases when the relationship was based on either self-desire or for external influential factors.

This is the same reason why a person may get hurt for months, if not years when she depends on her relationship for personal interest, then the relationship later collapsed. In this case, itís without doubt that the person might suffer physical and emotional pain for long before getting her life back on track.

From the illustration, you will realize that at times, we get hurt after breakups depending on how we consider our partners or the relationships to be. Thatís why itís not always advisable to base dependency on a partner because this act hinders recovery even when the breakup is only temporal. In my book 'Getting over your ex in few days', I said that relationship dependency happens to be one of the main reasons why some people get stuck somewhere around the recovery process and how it can also be used to get over your ex in few days

Why hurts after breakup?

Below are some of the things people are still practicing that could hinder them from recovery in the case of breakups. As a result of this, some of them suffer physical and emotional pains for the rest of their days.

Inferiority complex

An example is a girl who believes she has Inferiority complex or that she has always been intimidated by her friends for not being attractive will likely jump into a relationship with a popular or handsome guy in order to proof back to her friends that she is attractive and can be persuaded by any boy.

Although at that moment, itís a good thing to her but her intentions toward the relationship maybe a high consequences on her in the future rather than what she benefits from it. For example, what happens if the relationship terminates? What would happen between her and her friends? What would they think of her? What would she use to boast her attractiveness?

In this case, itís without doubt that, she will be facing hell not because she loved her guy nor missed him but because, she used him to boast her attractiveness. For this reason, she will be returning to her previews mood of life, which she ought to have solved her social problems before jumping into a relationship.

He or she is all I need!

This is another instance that hinders recovery. In this instance, someone goes into a relationship as a result of, maybe true love but the problem is that, she ignores every other thing in her life. Stopped doing the things she used to, fired her job, and stopped visiting old friends and start associating with class level.

This is also one of the biggest mistakes some people are still practicing. If in case it's certain that things are not working out well or that the relationship can't continue, the probability that she will get depressed is very high and without the help of an expert, she will hardly recover, not only because her soul mate is gone, but due to the fact that she now has to face the other side of her life; her old friends and a life without a source of income. With this kind of thoughts in mind, itís difficult to get over it just like that.

Sudden disappearance

When a partner suddenly disappears or travels without promising to return or you just don't understand his whereabouts etc. This process has nothing to do if it was true love or just infatuation but what matters are the feelings that you develop later. On the other hand, you may feel that he went because of your fault or else, what? You will develop bad mood as a result of this action and this kind of feelings stay longer.

There are many other reasons that can cause a person to be haunted after breakup but I mentioned those ones because they are the main causes that affect our world today. If youíre already heartbroken then jump to this article how to recover from breakups.

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