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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why gossip is not good

Why gossip is bad

I know there are many reasons behind the act of gossiping which some people develop. I equally believed they do so in order to achieve a certain degree of satisfaction, but what I am not really certain is whether they have once in their lives thought of the consequences behind the act of gossiping. That is where the problem lies.

While am still doubting and carrying out more research behind this topic (the purpose of gossiping), still the manner in which some people do it with ease makes me to at times wonder if they are really conscious of the affects.

I believed one of the main reasons which hinders people from quitting this habit of gossiping is probably with the fact that, they never look at the dark side of it or that the consequences are not usually felt at the moment but later when they must have already through with their intentions.

Why gossip is not good

Even though some people managed to achieve their desires and gained satisfaction through the habit of gossiping, but does this guarantee their intentions for ever? This is because at times, I see people gossiping about others in their absence when in return are their friends. I recently saw a situation where because of gossip, a boy and a girl were forced to broke up their relationship just to later found out the rumours about his girl being cheated on him were all lies.

At that moment, it was very difficult to have doubted the gossiper since he was a trusted friend but the man finally realised the real fact about his lover 2years after their separation. He tried to plead with her that it was external forces (gossiper), but it was already late because at this time, she had already gotten married to someone else. The man was so frustrated to the point that he now attacked but his friend (the gossiper) and threatened him with death penalty.

As you can see why gossip is not good, the friend had to escape leaving his family behind just to guarantee his life. You see what mere gossip can do? Just because of gossip, the guy missed his chance of marrying his choice and his friend had to begin a new life somewhere and that’s why gossip is not good. It brings about disasters, creating problems everywhere.

Gossip destroys your inner-self

Prior to the example mentioned above, the disadvantages of gossiping are just too much. When someone starts gossiping, it makes him less than a Mr nobody thereby leaving him with a habit of always gossiping. Have you noticed that each time someone gossips, you tend to feel uneasy with himself?

When you say something about a person which your subconscious mind believes is not true, it makes you develop the feeling of guilt each time you see that person. Whenever you see him, the first thing that comes into your mind is whether he has heard about your lies thereby making you live all the time with guilt.

Gossiping destroys your self-esteem

Another reason why gossiping is not good is because it destroys your ability to know that you can actually do something on your own. I hope you have also notice that people who gossip always retaliate in most cases with gossip.

This is because, when someone develops that habit of gossiping, he always look for short means to solve his problem in the form of gossip since his self-confidence and self-esteem have been destroyed by the habit of gossiping.

All these therefore imply that gossiping in not good in any form since if it does not destroy you physically person, it destroys the inner person. If everyone realises this, there will be no need for gossiping.

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