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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why do we find certain things interesting?

Why do we find certain things interesting?

Why do we not find everything interesting but certain ones?
Why do we admire a certain flower while others detest it?
Why would someone laughs at something while someone cries at it?

Based on those questions, it's certain that as humans we find certain things appealing and others not. But the most obvious question is; why does it happen this way?

There's no one explanation for this but still many factors contribute to form the likes and dislikes of human beings.

Reasons why we find certain things interesting

One of the main reasons behind this happens when the thing satisfies our criteria. Some times you see something and just like it just at first sight, right? What makes you like it when you've never seen it?

It's highly due to the fact that the thing matches, satisfies or resembles something you like. Let's say you enjoy playing Nintendo games, you'll automatically tend to find games in general attractive compared to someone who never knew what games were. While you may find latest versions of your game interesting, he would never resonate with your likes.

If your goal has always been to ride in a big car, automatically, you're most likely to like any car if it's big. Why not like a small one? Because it doesn't match your unmet needs.

In my book Getting over your ex in few days., I explained how people who broke up tend to find pleasure in sad music and how it resonates with their present life.

we find things interesting when we share common beliefs

Why is that a smoker will find another one much better as a friend than a nonsmoker? Can a priest be a friend with his opposite? Can a rat go beyond its circle to tie a bond with a dog?

With the above instances, you'll see that people tend to find other people and things interesting when they share common beliefs and interest.

One day Joe was passing and a big dog started following him. He managed to escape and from then he considered dogs as man's worst enemies. On the other hand, Sylvester likes dogs and considers them as part of his family. The question now is: Are dogs interesting or not? It depends on the individual!

Unlike both of them, Sylvester finds dogs interesting while Joe feels the reverse. That's one of the ways people find certain thing interesting while other, quite the reverse based on their beliefs.

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