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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why do we fall in love?

Why do we find people attractive?

What are the subconscious love criteria? As humans we have certain qualifications or love criteria stored in our subconscious mind which when someone marches them we tend to fall in love with the person. We developed these criteria based on certain influential factors such as; our values, our parents, our backgrounds, our friends, our relationships with other people, our environment, our climate, our culture etc.

Since each individual is unique in them, that’s why someone might admire a girl for how she walks, and the second person does so for how she talks or smiles, while the third is drawn by her complete sight features. Though some people are completely unaware of this, still other people are conscious of it to the extent that they intentionally search for these qualifications when it comes down to relationship issues.

Let me give you a little illustration with Mabel, my cousin's love criteria. Whenever a boy approaches her, she usually tries to spot out few things about him. At first, I never knew why she does this until when I started studying love psychology. When I went deeply in the field, I began propping into her situation. I came to realized she was just unconsciously searching for her love criteria (to see if he’s the kind of guy). For example, when assessing a guy, she never failed to assess something like:

  • His physical features (she likes good looking guys).
  • His background (she comes from a decent background).
  • His talking manner (she likes talking when necessary)
  • His educational level (she has several degrees).
  • His ability to satisfy (she has wants)
  • His height and size (she’s tall but not too fat) etc.

I mentioned Mabel's criteria just to throw some insights but yours shouldn’t necessarily be same. Based on that illustration, it’s certain each individual has what impresses him about a particular person or the relationship and it’s that same factor that makes each of us fall in love. When we see someone that matches what we seek, it’s certain that we’d find him interesting (see what attracts people to each other?).

From the above illustration, you’d see that Mabel won’t fall in love with any guy if he doesn’t possess the majority of her love criteria. If he can’t match all, at least, he should match the ones she considered first in the list. Even if the guy appears to be very nice and loving, she can't do anything other than taking him for ‘Mr. nice guy’ and nothing more. That’s simple.

My friend and I were in a party when Sharon walked in and sat just some few steps away. The way he stared at her, I knew he was up to something but what that was, I didn’t know. Few minutes, my friend walked up to her for a chat. After the discussion, he was impressed he’d found a soul mate! However, despite the fact that they met just for the first time, he was certain of his new catch but that didn’t bother me. The obvious questions you should be asking are:
Why did he fall in love with Sharon just the first meeting?
What attracted my friend to her?
Why no other girl in the party but only her?

The answers are completely simple! My friend wouldn’t have fallen for any other girl in the party but Sharon due to the fact that she was the only one who matched his subconscious love criteria. He would have fallen in love with someone else provided the person matches more of his love criteria than Sharon.

That’s why we find someone to be very interesting today and the next day, another much wanted than the first. This happens so because when someone matches the highest of our love criteria, the person automatically becomes the best match. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained how you can identify someone’s love criteria and use them over him to make him fall in love with you without doing much

Sight attraction and falling in love

Back to my friend's situation, what do you think made him fall in love with Sharon just the first meeting? With his case, you’d discover that among his love criteria, he puts much weight on sight features than the rest criteria. The same thing happens when someone is attracted to a person by physical appearance. This happens so because one of the person's strongest criteria is sight attraction and when anyone marches it, he automatically falls in love.

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