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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why do people treat me badly?

Why do people treat me badly?

One of my main objectives in life is to make people see the essence of their life anyway I can. I hate when someone complains of his life or giving up hopes probably because they are not getting well with other people or that they treated them badly.

Every problem we face in life has its origin so as when people treat others badly. This article does not talk about when people treat you badly due to your cause but rather it concentrates on when they treat you poorly without a good cause behind it, right?

Why do people treat me badly?

There are many reasons that could cause people to treat you the way they do. But one of the main causes of it usually depends on how you interact among them. The way we behave and talk tell people who we are and how we are going to be treated.

How do you know that this is a child? This is an adult? And this person is hallucinated? No one needs to tell you who they are, you just know it the way they behave. So, because of how they behave tells you what they are and this also has to determine how they will be treated. This boils down to the point that, the kind of personality you make of yourself, the higher the possibility that people will consider you as such.

The kind of category you put yourself makes make to classify and treat you as such. So if people treat you in a certain way you don’t like, then change your category or form of behavior with them. Make them see you as a different person. As soon as you start implementing this, you will as well start seeing change.

People treat you the way you treat them

Another reason why people may treat you badly depends on how you treat them. Have you realized that many people are fun of paying back good for good and bad for bad? I hope you have seen that many times?

If you appear to be hard with someone, the reverse is that they will also tend to be difficult to you, and if you make fun of people they will tend to avoid your company and that’s how the human relationship works.

For instance, what will be your reaction to someone who bullies you almost everywhere? It’s certain that if you had the opportunity, you will avoid him or probably do the same, right? So the manner in which someone talks, interact with others, behaves also determine the same in return.

How to make people treat you well

Making people treat you well is not that difficult, it’s all about knowing few things about them and appearing as what you want them to perceive you as. And this is nothing more than understanding who they are and the sort of people they like associating with.

This is because, if you believe they’re treating you badly, then understand what they expect of you. See it as an advantage to turn it into positive desire by changing your present and create the image of their calibers.

This is so because if you change from the formal person to a new form, which doesn’t match with their criteria, their belief system of perceiving you remained the same until you shake it, then you can see the change happening.

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