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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why do people respect others?

Why do we respect people?

Have you ever wondered why in our community certain people are highly respected? Why do they deserve such level of respect from others?

The answers to such questions are very simple. In this article, I am going to explain to you why we tend to give high level of respect to certain people and how you can use their criteria in order to become important personality in the society and gain the respect of others as well.

So, there is really nothing to worry about, right? But before I do that, I want you to know that the process require some degree of effort and that is the same reason why if you manage to ask any important person why he is being respected, although the minority of them really do not understand, still the majority are quit conscious of the criteria and they will probably start by telling you something like I would not have been what I am if I had not done something great. In most cases, this is what makes people respect them (For what they have done).

Why do people respect other people?

Below are some of the reasons why people respect others and how you can gain respect from others by applying their examples.

  • They did something great: Respected people are those who managed to do something great in life which the majority of people were unable. For example, imagine that you met someone who had travelled many parts of the world or that the person managed to have great people as his friends, the probability that you will respect the person is very high not because of his big size but because of what he did, right?
  • Their age experience: Another reason why people respect other people is highly based on their ability to attain such an age and this is one of the strongest reasons why most grand mothers and fathers are highly respected in the family because of their ability to attain such an age and became able to see the generation of their children.
  • Their ability to achieve wealth: Have you noticed that when people managed to obtain great wealth for themselves, they tend to be respected by others? And that is why almost all the rich men and women in this community gain such respect even from people of their age.
  • They possess high knowledge: Most people who managed to acquire a certain degree of education tend to be respected by others who never succeed, right? Yes, its true even in other fields of life. If you were trying to do something without success and met someone who is capable of doing it probably because of his level of knowledge about the thing, how would consider him? Probably as a small god, right? And in return, what happens? You will certainly respect him for what he knows.
  • Their ability to control others: When people manage to attain control over people, their subjects tend to give them respect. This does not only refers to the famous rulers as we have them today, but do you also know that our parents, teachers, elders etc. are other good examples?

How you can be respected by others

If the above steps are true, it therefore implies that respect is not something that can be gained if you never tried hard. This therefore means that you should come out of your shell and do something important. You do not necessarily need to do something super natural or do something magical. No!

All you need to do is spotting out the weaknesses of your targeted people and appear to be some kind of reflection to them. If they discovered that you are important in their lives, they will perceive you with much respect.

In one of my articles, 'How to become important in life', I explained the step-by-step process in which people managed to become important in life and you can use the same steps to gain respect.

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