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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why do people lie?

Why people lie

Why would someone prefer telling a lie when he can put matters straight? Why do people lie for very trivial issues? Why would people keep deceiving themselves? Have you ever taken the time to prop into some of these questions?

I know some people must have gone way far into this. I began understanding the power behind lies telling when I was somehow haul by social pressure. During my early university days I was very swift in lying and could have won the best prize if lies telling were rewarded (see Lies telling as a means of solution).

Based on what I went through coupled with deep study on the forces behind lies, I came to realized that most people lie to cover up for their mess while just a fraction carry this as an innate quality.

In this article, Im going to formulate some points as to why people cultivate and take pride in lies. Below are some of the causes as to why people lie.

Why do people lie?

  • Why do people lie? To attraction attention: Research shows that people who tend to seek more attention are five times likely to lie in idle moods than normal people. When they remain idle it's just like letting go a source of focus and in order to call back attention, they tend to lie when there's nothing really useful to say.
  • Why do people lie? Unable to accept defeat: People who are lacking in self-worth tend to repress this fact about them. They'll rather choose to say that they don't want to do it, rather than admitting they're unable or lacking the capabilities.
  • Why do people lie? To create new identities: Do you know that just the habit of associating with people of higher social statues tend to be one of the reasons why people lie? During my school days I was much into associating with luxurious girls and in order to keep up, I usually proclaim certain false identities. Study still proved that people who tend to forcefully raise their social standards tend to lie in order to defend their reputation.
  • Why do people lie? Innate quality: I hope you must have heard or come across someone who lies on every slide chance. Such a person might know the truth but just choose to speak what he/she feels. It's just like an inborn quality. No wonder why news quickly transforms as it passes through many ears.
  • Why do people lie? To get a safe passage: Why would some lie during a job interview? Why would someone possess document through fraudulent means? Why would a student lie about his/her grade? Sometimes people lie just to get the hell out of the way. Is like a stepping stone to achievement.

The downside of lies telling

Lie feels good at present but the downside is just too much on the long term. In the past I assumed that lies were just a way for me to have a safe ride but after few years I saw nothing but accumulated problems to deal with. When I finally opted out of this habit, I felt I had wasted some lifespan.

Lying itself brings no good neither would people not finally know the real you. Lies only obscure conscious living since your whole life will be ruined trying to live up with the false reputations you've planted in the minds of people.

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