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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why do people judge me falsely?

Why do people judge me falsely?

It feels bad when people judge or say something about you from the wrong perspectives. It pains everyone when people conclude things about us based on their own imagination or belief.

I hope you have seen people behave like that? Except for those who never realized it but still, It’s happens all around us. The worse part of it is that some of these people don’t even know 5% of who we really are. They see only our shells and jump to conclusion. But one thing I want to let you know is that those people who take their time to make false judgment about you are people who know nothing about you.

There are many reasons why people may judge you falsely which I am going to explain to you in this article.

Why do people judge me falsely?

The following are some of the reasons why people may come to certain conclusion and judge you falsely the way they do.

  • They believe you’re like them: When people have certain bad habit like lying, it’s often hard for them to see things in right way especially when it has to do with others. For example if you were saying something to them, they will hardly accept it if they were used to lying. Since they are liars, they project this on to you by believing that everyone is a liar and thus judge you falsely.

  • Their false beliefs: For instance, If someone was once cheated by a business man, automatically every time he sees a business man he also sees a cheater, right? Now, what if you were a business man and come cross such a person? You will see that in this case, he will judge you from the false perspective based on his false belief that all business men are cheaters, right?
  • When someone behaves in a certain way: Many times people just look at others and conclude what they are probably by their appearances or the way they behave. For example if you tend to resemble a nice person they saw, they tend to attribute the person personalities to you. And the reverse is true if you they regarded you as someone who bullies them in the past thus drawing their conclusions.
  • Our past influence the manner we judge people: The experiences we went through in the past shape our present and the way we see and judge people. Research shows that people who suffered bad experience in the past tend to judge others based on the negative perspectives. For example, if a man hated a particular girl in the past probably because she duped him, whenever he sees any girl with the same features of his victim, he tends to hate the person while the person might be innocent.

Should I feel bad when people judge me falsely?

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is to feel bad when others make false judgment of him. Would it make any sense for someone to say something that is not true and you got upset?

It doesn’t make sense, they know nothing important about you. That will just be like someone insulting you in your dream and you got up feeling angry, hahahahaha!!

If there have to be anything you want them to know, it will be to tell them who you really are and the facts about what they were saying and nothing more.

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