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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why do people gossip?

Why people gossip

Have you ever wondered what really makes people to gossip? Do they achieve any degree of satisfaction for it? I know everyone has once asked his/herself such questions, else these questions will probably be booming in your head by now.

You maybe shocked to know that behind any gossip, there lies his exact opposite (his weak points). Many people who gossip indirectly try to hide many flaws about themselves. If you can see through their minds, you will see things, which they would never have allowed anyone to see.

Some of the things that you’ll see include the exact reasons why people gossip about others, which I am going to explain to you today in this article.

Do people gossip for a reason?

Do you know that people who take the time to gossip about others do so to satisfy their unattainable desires? And that is why when you see someone suffering from anger, jealousy, frustration etc., you equally see someone suffering from gossiping.

Whenever they are angry or feel frustrated, they tend to tackle their problems in the form of gossiping about their victims.

This therefore means that they gossip for a reason; to tackle these problems. For example, suppose that someone was unable to accomplish a certain task in his life probably because of lack of self-esteem coupled with other inferiority traits will intensify the habit to gossip about anyone who manages to do that same thing in order for him to feel some degree of happiness.

For other people, they have no reasons to why they gossip. They just gossip about anything or anyone they come across. If not, then, why would someone start criticizing and gossiping about a person whom he just met for the very first time? They were born like that (gossipers).

Why do people gossip about other people?

Below are some of the main factors, which cause the majority of people gossip
  • They want to be accepted: In every case of gossip, the majority of people gossip in order to be accepted by others and this is what helps to destroy some relationship (See why gossip is not good). For example, a bad friend might jealous her friend probably because of her new boyfriend. If ever this friend (the bad one) comes close to this boy, the probability that she will gossip about her friend is high just to let the guy see her acceptable than her friend, right? And that’s just one of the ways how people gossip to be accepted.
  • Eager to revenge something: People who lack the necessary skills and are running short of self-esteem suffer in the hands of gossip. For example, Boris and Elvis were fighting and suddenly, Elvis won. When Boris got home that day, he was very mad about what happened. The next thing was that he started gossiping about Elvis to everyone who knows him. What do you think made him do that? The answer is simple!! Boris lacked self-confidence and the necessary skills over Elvis. He sees no other way to revenge other than gossiping about him.
  • Inferiority: At times, the issue of inferiority coupled with lack of self-esteem made people to start gossiping. Do you know that when someone becomes inferior about himself, he tries to proof himself worthy than others in the form of gossiping?
  • The act of jealousy: Research shows that one of the main reasons why people gossip is as a result of jealousy. If you could look through the minds of gossipers, you will see some degree of jealousy, which made them tend to project it on to others in the form of gossip.

I know there are other very minor reasons why people gossip, but for the sake of time, I could not mention all that. But the above mentioned in this article are some of the most important reasons behind most people’s intensions to gossip.

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