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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why do people eager to know?

Why do people eager to know?

Why would someone keeping asking you about your salary?
Why would someone insist about your job?
Why do they just want to know everything?
I hope you have come across someone who bothers and insists to know all most everything, right?

But the big question is why do people eager to know about the progress of your job, your life, experiences, your relationship?

There are many reasons that make people do so but I want you to know that whenever someone is curious about something in your life, know that the person is suffering from unmet needs which he tends to satisfy or get a solution.

What causes curiosity?

As I said before there are number of reasons for someone to become curios, which I am going to explain to you in this articles. One of the reasons is when someone tries to compare himself with others. It may be hard to believe but that’s true.

When people are in doubt they try to make comparison in order for them to be sure they are in same pattern. For example, after Michael and Roland left high school, Michael continued to universities while Roland dived straight into business. After few years Michael obtained a comfortable job for himself and on the other hand, business was no longer smooth for Roland.

One December, they both met in town, Roland asked Michael about the past years and his present probably what he now does and Michael also did the same. Now, why were they eager to know each other past life since they separated?

It’s simple, both of them wanted to compare their selves by unconsciously imposing curiosity. And that’s how comparison makes people eager to know about others’ affairs.

Curiosity makes other feel good

Some people are eager to know about others in order to feel good about their selves and in most cases, this happens with selfish people. Such people inquire all most everything about every possible thing.

They try to make sure they are more than others and the way they go about this is by being curios. The moment they discover they were more progressive than you, they become happy about their selves.

For example, a merchant that is not sure of the successes of his own business maybe curios about the progress of other competitors’ businesses. You will discover that the moment he finds out that he is doing well than them, he becomes happy and encouraged.

The ability to learn new things

The ability for us to lean or discover new things makes us eager to want to know. There is no person who can say he/she has never been eager to know something in life except the person wants to say he/she knows nothing.

Anything that you know today is because of the abilities of wanting to know more which led you in seeking new ideas and ways of doing things from people. And that is also one of the reasons why we go to school, carry out researches, ask people questions etc.

From all the above reasons, we can conclude that they are many reasons why people are eager to know, but one thing I want to mention is the fact that when someone is curious about something from you, you have to look at it from two angles; Whether the person is asking you behind good intentions or just selfish purposes, right? Those are the two bases of anything a person seeks to know.

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