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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why do people complement others?

Why do people complement others?

Have you ever thought why some people compliment others?
What is their reason behind it?
Many people do this totally unaware of the fact behind complimenting certain people and not just everyone they meet.

People tend to complement those whom they believe share a common belief system with them else nothing will be common between them.

And that’s the same reason why we don’t compliment the people who bully us but complement those we find impressive.

Why do people complement others?

>Do you know that when someone feels good about you he tends to compliment you? In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained the importance of compliment someone you love. I explained how compliments could be used to make someone fall in love with you.

Another aspect which makes people easily complement others is when they don’t feel jealous. When people are not jealous of you, they tend to complement almost everything about you.

For example, if a person likes you probably because of how you interact with him, he will possibly complement you in any form just to see you grow, right? And the same happens in return.

Compliment as a source of achievement

There are many reasons for compliment but one of the strongest reasons people complement others is as a result to promote them. Therefore promotion and encouragement can still be obtained through compliment.

For example, if a person is trying to do someone and it’s not going, the moment someone complements what that person is doing he tends to be efficient and do his best, right?

This makes him know that what he is doing is correct and other people like it and the same thing happens in a classroom. Whenever a teacher tells a student that “you’ve tried” the student equally works hard against the next test. So one of the reason people complement others is to promote them grow.

When people are contented

Another reason could be when people are comfortable or happy of their selves. For example, if someone is full or already achieve his goals, he won’t feel any problem complementing someone while at the same time, if that same person was still struggling to meet up with his goals, he will certain feel uneasy complementing someone since he is trapped with self-doubts. At times, that’s how the human mind works.

So if you believe you are not getting the level of compliments you deserved, then know that most of the people who were supposed to do it are people who are trapped by self-doubts.

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