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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why do people blame others?

Why do people blame others?

There are many reasons why some people tend to blame others for their misfortunes. Others even go as far as blaming people for their failures in life.

Very few people know that people who blame others happen to be helpless in most of the situations.

When someone tells you that you're the reason why he failed, he's just trying to let you know he was helpless.

The following points are going to straighten the main reasons behind such people's actions. These are some of the things they wouldn't want anyone to know about them.

Why do people blame others

  • Inherited from parents: Children who were brought up by less responsible parents are likely to grow up irresponsible. Such children never learned to handle critical situations and when they've grown up they'll likely to adopt the habit of shifting blames to others.
  • They were helpless: Another reason why some people blame others happens to be rooted on their inability to help themselves. When tough situations hit them and they become helpless, they try to escape their uncomfortable zone by blaming others.
  • They want to control you: The process behind this action is somehow complex. Sometimes people blame others in order to control them. Let's say they needed some money and so they tend to label you names such; you're too selfish, you're greedy. This isn't true because they're just trying to let you do what they want.
  • When they lost control: With this, whenever they're faced with tough situations and they lost control of themselves, they try to shift the blame on others in order to gain back control of themselves while making you a loser.
  • Refusing to accept responsibility: This aspect of irresponsibility is very common among such people. Instead of admitting the fact they were unable to live a better life, they may tend to say something like; "life isn't fair" or that "I'm not lucky." as a means of shifting blames.
  • Insecurity of the future: Most people who blame others happen to be living with guilt and fear of the future. Such people will rely on others for almost everything. They never cared to use their skills talk less of becoming creative. The worse part being that whenever they fail, they tend to hold others responsible.

Final say as to why people blame others

As you can see, while the habit of blaming others is very common, still the reasons for doing so are many but differs among individuals.

So general facts can't be applied since everyone is unique depending on his mindset and the desire he's trying to satisfy. But one common fact about them happens to be the inability to help themselves.

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