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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why don't my parents understand me?

Why don't my parents understand me?

What causes misunderstanding with parents? In many homes, misunderstanding arises over issues such as dress and grooming, behavior with the opposite sex, use of drugs or alcohol, curfew, associates, chores, and to get independence.

However, before you expect your parents to understand you, you must also understand.

What if you were right: Recognizing that your parents are humans and have feelings like yours is a big step towards your understanding them.

For example, they might feel insecure about their ability to rear you properly. On the other hand, feeling overwhelmed by all the moral dangers and temptation you will face, they may over react to situations at times. It's your chance now to behave as an adult.

Express your mind among them in a calm and simple manner. Finally make them to see reasons to your own point of view.

Show your parents personal concern

How can you find out how your parents feel? By keeping an eye, not only in personal interest about your own matters, but also in personal interest upon those of theirs. For example, try asking them what they were as teenagers? Their feelings and ambitions and what led to their success?

If your parents feel that you are interested and aware of their reasons for some of their feelings, they will also understand yours.

Show your parents empathy

If a conflict arises, do not be quick to accuse your parents of being insensitive. Ask yourself, were my parents not feeling better? Were they worried about something? Were they hurt over some thoughtless deed or word on my part? Do they simply misunderstand what I meant?

By showing empathy, you will not only gain their respect but also gain their understanding.

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