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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why did he change? I thought he loved me

Why did he change? I thought he loved me

If you happened to be experiencing this, know that it's a common phenomenon among people of the opposite sexes. It's very normal for someone to show that he loves you, turn around and pulls back.

Sometimes I get mails such from my readers such as “He used to show me he loves me. Although I always hide my feelings, he continued without giving any attention to my weird behavior. Based on all this, I believed he truly loves me. After sometime, he suddenly switched nature and now I don't know if he was the one interested in me or just my imagination.”

I hope you've experienced something like this or might have come across someone under same circumstances, right? At least everybody does. But the obvious question is; why would someone proofs himself by all means, turn again and duped you?

Don't worry because, in this article I’m going to be answering that question for you. I'm going to explain some of the reasons why someone might show all the necessary signs of love, turns the next day and pulls back. Below are some of them;

Why did he change? I thought he loved me!

  • He got no response: When someone is in love with you and without getting a positive response from you that indicate your love as well, he might tend to get hurt. He might be saying something like “I over showed it yet she doesn't care about my love. I don't think she can fall for me, so let me just look somewhere.” This factor like this is sufficient enough to make him pulled back from the relationship. If this is the case, the only way to make him change again is to start showing love as well.
  • His attention was redirected: One common phenomenon I seem to find among people is that, the majority of people tend to be dating numerous partners. So if he is of such nature, then the probability that he's been trapped in the hands of another girl is high. His attention might have been directed somewhere and so he switched.
  • Social programming: Most of the times, when we're in love with someone, we tend to communicate it with others in order to get social approval and opinions. He might have told a friend and they discouraged him and so, the end result is that he pulled away. In my book, 'How to get your ex back in few days', I explained practical steps on how social programming from friends can be used to make him fall in love with you again.
  • Huh! I over did it: He might think that his approach makes his feelings predictable and in some cases, he might change. Sometimes, he might start behaving funny but don’t look on the funny part. Look only on the positive signs he's been showing and know that the funny part was just to wipe out his traces.
  • Quest for the win win game: Some guys are nature to be like that. If you're that beautiful, they would be running after you not for who you are but for the sake of the win win game. When they get you, at least, they've won and so move to another level and the process goes like that. In the book 'Getting over your ex in few days', it explains how you can get over players in few days just by reversing the effect.
  • Self-doubt: Another cause behind this might be that his mind was in doubt. For example, he might be saying something like “Even if she accepts me, she won't be willing for marriage. Someone might just come in her life and I’ll have no where to go” It's totally impossible for someone to focus on you when at same time, he's in doubt. If you spot this fact in him, then, assuring him of the future will certainly clear his doubts.


If you identify some of the above facts in him, the next thing will be to try to make him fall in love with you again. Just do your best and at the same time, avoid being needy.

But if you tried and it's certain you can't get him back or even you get him but unable to keep him focused, then getting over him will certainly open up other doors for potential partners to come.

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