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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why criticism hurts

Why get hurt by criticism

Have you ever wondered why at some times, criticism tends to hurt our ego? But at that same time, have you ever thought for a moment why it happened this way?

For example, if you were walking down the street and someone makes a critical comment about you (probably about your weakness), while you may probably get hurt, but at the same time, do you know that, that same criticism maybe the exact opposite to another person who doesn’t suffer the same weakness?

So, the obvious question should be; why would someone get hurt after being criticized while for others, that same criticism doesn’t move them? In this article, I am going to be answering such question; why criticism hurts and why certain people feel the pain more than others.

Why criticism hurts some of us

One of the main reasons why we get hurt after being criticized boils down to our belief systems. The kind of believe we form about ourselves and others affect the way our subconscious minds respond back. This is so because, if in return we develop certain weak points about ourselves and receive a critical comment from someone that matches our weaknesses, our subconscious minds is going to respond back to us but this time in pain.

For example, a girl who developed false belief about herself probably that she believes that she is suffering from inferior complex, that is already her weakness, right? If someone comments on her physical appearance, how do you think she will feel?

The truth is that she will possibly get hurt whether the person’s intention was to willingly criticize her or to complement her. During this period of her inferiority, even if she did not hear something well, the probability that she will automatically attribute it to her self-image problem is very high since she already feels bad about herself, right?

This is one of the reasons why criticism hurts when it appears to match our weaknesses, if not, like with the case of the above example, she won’t bother or feel bad at all.

Why criticism doesn’t hurt everyone

Now, what if the comment was intended to some other person who is fully confident about himself? Do you think he will feel one bit of it? That would be weird! This will not even ignite one bit of pain not because he cannot be criticized but because at that particular moment, the criticism intended did not match his weakness and so, in return he will just laugh it out, right?

So in order to over criticism, you have to first of all believe in yourself and this is nothing more than working on your weaknesses. If you manage to that, you won’t get hurt over criticism. It will pass just like that!

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