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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why certain things become popular?

Why certain things become popular?

Have you ever wondered why certain things become popular before you know about them? Why do certain products come from behind and become very popular?

Sometimes we just prefer other items over others without knowing why.

I know some people may believe it's because of their qualities that they become popular. While their qualities play a role, to certain extent these qualities are just minor factors.

The whole thing is rooted down on our mindsets coupled with the qualities.

Why do certain things become popular?

Before certain things become popular, people must have already made their minds to consume something of the sort and seeing it they become attracted coupled with its qualities, it becomes popular.

As far as it continues satisfying our desires, the more we'll consume it and the more it will spread to others.

Why do you think facebook became popular? It's highly due to the fact that it managed to satisfy a great part of our social lives.

What if you were financially broke and someone offers you a well paid job, wouldn't you consider him as some kind of savior? What if the person was a new model car, wouldn't you recommend it to others?

Supposed that others got same experience as you, wouldn't the car become popular in just few days? All this boils down to the fact that certain things become popular when they managed to satisfy a part of us which we were lacking at.

Everyone is involve, why not you?

Researches showed that when you're surrounded by people who find interest in a particular thing, you tend to get attract to it. It's no doubt why there's a certain proverb that says "show me your friend and I'll tell you who you are."

When you associate among friends and relatives who are used to certain things, you're likely to get attracted and the more others are attracted to it, the more it becomes popular.

Certain things become popular when we share same belief

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I said that lovers tend to enjoy romantic music because they're in love and how break up people find pleasure in sad music because it resonates with their present circumstances.

What if everyone living on this planet was either someone who broke up or someone in love, would certain music not become popular?

It's without doubt that certain things will become popular not because they ought to but because they resonate with our mindsets.

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