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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why you don't fall in love

6 reasons why you don't fall in love

Have you ever wondered why you rarely find someone appealing? Why are potential partners not coming your way? What about others, have you ever wondered why some remained singles?

There are many reasons behind these which target each individual based on many factors such as how we were brought up, nature of our environments, the people we interact with, our friends, parents, backgrounds, past relationship experiences, culture and our society (see What attracts people to each other?).

They are these factors that determine and shape our love map – if we're going to fall in love and who we're going to fall for.

In this article, I'm going to be talking on this issue; why you don't fall in love or rarely find someone appealing.

This is why you don't fall in love

  1. Internally dependency: Research shows that 92% of people who go into relationships tend to satisfy some unmet needs. According to this research, it's cleared that most of them dive as means for financial cover, quest to do what others are doing, quest for social interaction (see Does unconditional love exist?). If you're not lacking or suffering from any of the above, you'll rarely involve in a relationship except it's true love or just the right time .
  2. Why don't you fall in love? Tight criteria! Another reason why you tend not to fall in love maybe that your love criteria is tight for others to match them or difficult for you to see someone matching them. These are what attract people to each other. If your love criteria is tight up, it'd be difficult to see someone matching or appearing as you may want. In my book, 'How to make someone fall in love with you', I gave some details on how you can switch love criteria in order to attract potential partners.
  3. Why don't you fall in love? Relationship hassles! They are some people who want to, but because of social programming and poor experiences from unsuccessful people, they tend to avoid hassles that come alongside being in a relationship.
  4. You're not getting the Mr/Mrs right: Another reason why you don't fall in love may be that you've not met the rightful match. Among the list, this is the main reason behind 70% of singles. This is because when you're not seeing the rightful person, it's totally impossible to fall for someone who doesn’t appeal to your taste.
  5. It's my style! Another reason why you don't fall in love maybe that you don't enjoy the company of others. If you're somebody who rarely associate, talk , or greet strangers, if that's you way you'll likely not enjoy the company of others thereby making the falling in love precess tense.
  6. Why don't you fall in love? Busy schedule! Busy people usually have little or no time out of their schedules. They're always time-based. If they're not at job sides, they're out there seeking better opportunities or studying. They're usually centered on their plates than on love.

Final say on why you don't fall in love

Unlike this website, the purpose of this article is for you to get to know yourself and others better.

If you were experiencing some down times falling in love, you now know your starting point. All you need is to spot out where you 're lacking and correct that.

Let say your subconscious love criteria for a partner were very tight, by relaxing them will equally draw potential partners and let you fall for them as well.

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