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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why canít I succeed?

Reasons why you canít succeed

In one of my previews articles, ĎWhat causes failure in life?í, I talked about the general principles of failures but in this article, I am going to go a little more personal into the individualís life as to why an individual may not succeed in what he/she attempts to do.

Before I go on, remember that this article is in no way abusing anyone as failure but intended at reflecting your flaws to you.

So, as any other wise person, if you spot out any weakness that reflects yours, use it at your best advantage to become a success conscious person, right?

But before I mention them, I want you to know that, unlike all the articles here in, the methods in this article are backed by psychology, deep research and proven to be true.

Why canít I succeed in what I do?

  • Why canít I succeed? Failure conscience: One of the reasons you may not succeed in what you do goes down with failure conscience; thinking of failure than on how to succeed. If you focus your mind on the negative path of every task rather than the positive side, the probability that you will fail is very high. Whenever an obstacle comes, you will psychologically embrace it because it matches with your belief system thereby paving way for failure.
  • Why canít I succeed? You are dancing the wrong dance: Why would someone expect success when he/she never dances to the tune of success? Wanting to succeed but never care to know how the path of success looks like. Looking only for those who have failed and ignoring those who succeeded. In one of my articles, 'How to be successful in lifeí, I said that one of the ways to succeed in life is through the example of already successful people. What about you, which footsteps are you following?
  • Why canít I succeed? Fear of starting new task: Do you know that just the fear in a personís mind is enough to defeat him? They are many people who would have succeeded but because they were afraid to start a new task, they failed. Consider someone as the famous Bill Gates. If he had developed his mind with fear, he would not have been what we know him today and someone would had taken that stature. If you allow yourself to be ruined by fear, failure is the normal consequences.
  • Why canít I succeed? Laziness: If you go a little deeper into peopleís past failures, you will discover that many of them were lazy enough to have continued from where they get stocked. In this regard, what about you? What happens when you fail?
  • Why canít I succeed? Lack of external support: To certain extent, not all failures are as a result of our own weaknesses but to certain extend, it also has to do with external factors such as the people around us. This is because; at times we may want to start new career, new plan etc. and become discouraged by the people around us especially those in authorities over us. This means that when they make the wrong choice on us, we fail in achieving our goals in life.
  • Why canít I succeed? Procrastination: The issue of procrastination is also a major block in desire achievement. For example, if you are fun of always pushing important things ahead, the possibility that it will be difficult to achieve your goal is very high since you always plan to achieve it but tomorrow.

Success comes with consciousness

These are some of the things that may hinder you from succeeding in what you do. You can only know the path of success only if you manage to get rid of these flaws in you.

Those who managed to succeed in life are not those who try to escape from their flaws but rather those who acknowledge the fact and work them out. If you manage to do that, within the shortest period possible, the issue of failure will be something of the past.

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