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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why canít I build self-confidence?

Reasons why you lack self-confidence

In this article, I am going to be talking on some of the major factors that hinder many people from building self-confidence and also how you can use these flaws to build solid self-confidence .

But before I do that, I want you to know that in most cases, people failed to build self-confidence when they are left with false belief system about building self-confidence and thatís one of the major reasons that I decided to write on this article; how you can eliminate certain false belief about yourself and pave a way for your achievement.

I am going to first start by pointing out some of these false beliefs, right? So try to see if each of them is hindering your success level.

Why canít I build self-confidence?

Below are some of the reasons which when someone keeps in mind, it will be difficult to develop solid self-confidence when such thoughts and beliefs are still existing in his subconscious mind.

  • Inferiority complex: A research was carried out in Los Angeles which proved that the main factor why people get hindered after trying to build self-confidence goes down with the problem of internal flaws and this is nothing more than self-images problem. Inferiority complex really hinders this process because, if someone does not first appreciate himself, it will be difficult to get to stage two (building self-confidence) and thatís how the concept of why canít I build self-confidence is born.
  • False belief system: Why canít I build self-confidence? You have false belief system. One of manís greatest factors in achieving anything in life has been with his belief system (what he believes). This is because, if you believe that getting a certain thing is difficult, the probability that you will fail if you try to get it is very. Now, what about building self-confidence? What kind of belief system do you have about it? This is what that will highly determine a personís success or failure in this regard.
  • You followed the wrong path: The concept of why canít I build self-confidence also grows stronger when instead of walking on the right track, you followed the wrong path. For example, one of the ways to build self-confidence is by believing in your ability that you can do anything others can do. But instead of following the rules of building confidence, you do but the opposite, the end time will be failure in building self-confidence.
  • You focus on unsuccessful people: Why canít I build self-confidence? You copied from those who failed. Another reason why people failed to build self-confidence is when, instead of following the steps of confident people, they focus on those who never managed to succeed. In one of my articles, ĎHow to be successful in lifeí I said that if you want to be successful, you must follow the examples of already successful people in the field and the same procedure applies when building self-confidence.

Finally, your belief system was shaken

Prior to those who never managed to build self-confidence, they are those who tried to certain level and were shaken by external factors to belief they are not confident people. This highly weakens a personís inner strength.

For example, you might have built it to certain level and suddenly got a stiff resistance or criticism from someone and you believed it and this shaken your self-confident system.

With all these inner and external weaknesses in a personís subconscious mind, it will be very difficult to develop a solid confident system if not with the help of an expert or specialist.

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