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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why are people not buying my products?

How to sell your products

Why are people not buying my products? If this is your first time or that you are relatively still new in the world of online, this question may sound somehow strange to you. But at the same time, I also want you to know that many website owners still suffer from this issues thus they are old in the field.

To me, no one is too old to learn what he or she does not know. So, if your site or your product is suffering from this, I want you to be rest assured that, if you managed to practically apply what I am going to mention in this article, within a certain period, you will as well start seeing the reverse, right?

In one of my articles, 'Why your product is not selling', I explained some of the reasons as to why you may have a good product but at the end, encountering nothing but fall in demand.

But in this article, I am going to show you how lack of certain important facilities may be the root cause of your problem and not the product itself.

Why are people not buying my product?

I can’t actually tell what may be the root cause of your own case but at the same time, one of the reasons as to why many people realise fall in demand of their products has to do with lack of facility such as money back guarantee.

This is because, when customers tend to doubt your product or find any bit or difficulties with it, what only assures them of it is their ability to know that the product comes with money back guarantee. This method makes them feel at ease to openly shop since they know that they won’t lose any penny if it wasn’t what you said (probably in the description). After all, if you trust the qualities of your product, you won’t find any difficulties placing money back guarantee since no one will ask for his money.

You are targeting the wrong people

Why are people not buying my product? Because you are surely targeting the wrong set of people. In order for a new or existing product to be successful in the market, it has to be made known to the general public. But while it is important for it to be known by everyone, still, letting people know of it without targeting the right people boils down to failure.

For example, suppose you were selling sports equipment (rackets, tennis etc.) and trying to convince your grandmother to buy them. Do you think you are doing the right marketing or that she will buy them? Very far from that!!

Now, what if you were trying to convince a young man or someone who plays tennis? What is going to be the outcome? As you can see, the probability that he/she will buy is very high, right? So, in order for you to sell your products, you must target the right people who need your product rather than wasting time and resources on just everyone.

No one knows about your product

Why are people not buying my product? Because very little or no one knows about your product. There are many products which were very good yesterday but suddenly disappeared today in the market not because they were not good but because the owners never managed to let others know about them to certain extend and so, these products disappeared.

This only means that one of the reasons your product may not be selling is that you have created very little or no awareness of it. If you find this statement to be true, the first thing you will have to do is to start making some adverts around and bringing the importance of the product to the public, right?.

Another way you can still do this is by carrying out sales promotion. With this approach, you won’t have to bother yourself much since you are certain with your product, right? If you are sure of the qualities of what you are selling, then, let others know it by making a short period of promotion and cutting down prices.

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