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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Why am I not lucky?

Why am I not lucky?

Are there people who are not really lucky? Why am I not lucky? This concept of luck and such phrases are common in our societies today. Is common to hear someone say ’I am not lucky in life’ probably because of inexperienced in handling life’s ups and downs.

But for the fact that someone failed to achieve the things he need means he is not lucky?

Why am I not lucky in life?

One of my friends once told me that he is not lucky. He said this after a race they did which he wanted to came first but instead came third. Can we say he is unlucky in life? The answer is a big no.

I was not born lucky

It’s true that some of us were born in poor families, the wrong place (country), our color, but this does not define luck at all. The beginning is just like the starting point that does not really matter and this is the same reasons why some people who were born rich became poor and some people born poor became rich, right?

Am sure you must have seen that. So you can still make your beginning transform into good luck. We can therefore conclude that luck is not something that is inherited or cannot be learnt. We are the one that molds our future, destiny and luck and not others because we are the ones living our lives and know our selves better and what we need to be contented.

The inability to develop our skills

Another causes of this concept of why am I not lucky is the inability to develop the skills that we need in order to get what we want in life. Many people after failing to realize what they wanted, they tend to believe they were unlucky.

It’s common for someone to say I am not lucky probably because he did not accomplish what he needed. In this situation, just ask him what are your skills to get what you need? And you will realize that is where the problem lies and not luck its self.

Like in my friend’s example above, he managed to came third position out of Twelve. This doesn’t mean he is unlucky but it’s just a sign that if he tries hard that third position will certainly turn someday into first position and that is how we came to build our lucks. Everyone was born to be lucky, so you are the one to mold your luck to come to reality.

In order to do this, you must first know what you want then develop more courage, knowledge and the skills that is required. If you managed to do that, within the shortest period of time, you will discover that there is nothing as being unlucky.

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