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Written by: Raymond Fohjem - August 4th, 2013

Why travelling to the USA?

Why travelling to the USA?

As you already must have known in series one of this article, I won the American DV Lottery, went on interview and it was very much successful. In fact, my passport and other travel documents are beside my keyboard. At first, I never had any real purpose why I should leave my country and start life where I seldom know people nor their life style and environment. Coupled with this criterion, I guess thatís why I tend to linger the process during the early days.

I finally had a real and meaningful purpose of going to the USA. At hand my mind is now centered on the persuade of these objectives.

For this reason I decided to pinpoint some of these persuades. Listed below are some of the reasons. Mine maybe somehow different from the majority of people but I guess these are what really foster and motivate my travelling to the USA.

Why travelling to the USA?

Prior to other frivolous factors Iíve always wished to connect with other bloggers. At least, the famous ones, not only on the internet but to meet these people in the real world. Iíve had many good memories fantasizing with webmasters on the internet but now, I ought to be talking on a face-to-face bases.

Recently one 24/7 blogger suggested a medium by which we can improve our search engine ranking. That was a good idea to be at but I guess he thought I was in the USA when he invited me for lunch so we could discuss the nitty-gritty. The opportunity almost flip off my hand upon fathoming I wasn't a U.S.A based. We ended up tackling it but in another dimension which was pretty good for both parties.

Since the launching of in March 18th 2011, Iíve received dozens of such request. I think this is the time to start maximizing these chances.

Working with people of same mindset

About 65% of my daily traffic comes from USA alone. I came to fully understood that the success of xKnowHow is much more open in the States than surviving here. This website was launched in Cameroon and at the time of writing this article Iíve never managed to come across any one successful blogger prior to Kevin. I guess there's none even. Really none!

Networking among people who don't have same mindsets as yours isnít really a pattern for growth. In most cases you'll only get things like regret, resentment, doubt, fears, and frustration even if your ideas were the best as they could be. No one will be ready to credit your effort since they rarely find passion in what you're doing nor care to know how the process looks like. Theyíre not ready for that shit!

But networking in areas where you're ten times more likely to see and associate with people of your kind speedup your velocity. In some cases it can even take you beyond your limit. It's really a good thing to be at. In return you get things like purpose, courage, and motivation. At least, these motivate me to produce more inspirational articles and you know what this means? Providing more value to enormous number of people around the globe.

Expanding my knowledge faculty

If you've been reading most of my blog posts you'd have figured long ago that Iím really much into learning. I like learning new things especially stuffs that I can easily shift it on to others. Iím very much ok expanding my learning faculty. I came to realized I wasnít making any real progress regarding this factor. It was as if you're making progress in other parts of your life while others remained constant. That wouldn't be a wise idea.

I need to widen my knowledge faculty but unfortunately Cameroon produces little. For example travelling to the USA I'll be exposed to a wide variety of knowledge and skills. I'll be able to further my education. I'll have the possibility of learning more scrip languages, something which is only done in theory here. Access to high internet speed connections. Access to a new class of audience. Possibilities of extending friendship to others.

Iíve already built a network of loyal visitors to my site. I also like the few dozen friends Iíve managed to create here. I have very good memories with these people. Each time with them feels like the very first time. I always enjoy their companies. Going to the USA wouldnít alter my connections with these people nor would it dare in the least way.

But looking at it from the standpoint point of productivity, repeating same routines round the clock soon becomes predictable and less productive in terms of personal growth. It feels pretty much fine in the short run but in the long run, youíll be making no real progress.

Travelling abroad serves as a medium of expanding my realm of friendship. Iíll be exposed to different kinds of people regardless of races and colors. Without doubt, Iíll be able to networking with a new class of audience who wouldnít have known xknowhow if Iíd limit myself among same calibers. After all, at present, about 65% of my traffic is from the USA. I think this is really a place to be at - if not for anything but to see what the result will look like. At least, it will serve as a fine determination for future trend.

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