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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

What to do on a first date

What to do on a first date

There are many things to keep in mind when it comes down to dating. The first date is very important as you’d get the chance to know that special someone. But at the same time, other factors have to be put in mind. For example, how you’re going to behave and interact with your date has many things to do beyond just the present moment.

This is because your date hasn’t known you and so he/she would interpret who you are, where you come from, your talking manner etc. based on how you’re going to interact that first day, right? And the reverse is true of your date.

A first date can be so much fun and excitement if you knew just what to do thereby avoiding the odd practices practiced by unsuccessful people.

In this article, I’m going to be explaining what to do on a first date but before I do that, I’d first want you to be conscious of certain criteria which are usually ignored by most people but very important for a successful date.

How to program your date

Choose a place and time that is comfortable to both of you. Arrive before the given time if you’re a guy. It’s better for you to be the one waiting than the girl. Don't forget to always show her that gentleness by helping her pull her seat.

Plan for an activity that both of you probably would enjoy. This is nothing more than arranging it with him/her in advance. A good example could be a movie show or a nice dinner. You may also ask your date for any suggestion that they may like.

Whatsoever your date is interested in, please try to grand the demand for the first time. For example, if your date is interested in a movie show, take her to a nice one before or after dinner and the rest can follow.

What to do on a first date

  • Avoid strong topics: You have to remember that you guys are on a date. So, when conversing, avoid strong topics like politics, religion etc. It’s ok to ask simple and normal questions, but don’t make it feels like an interview. Subjects like school, family, and work are not really the best on a first date. Never talk about past relationships. Notice simple things around and talk on that. Talk about common interests. Ask questions that can easily lead to other topics.
  • Make eyes contacts: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you I explained in details how making enough eyes contact can increase the chances of your date falling in love with you and the same process happens here. If you managed to apply this, your date will know you’re interested and enjoy his/her company.
  • Behave properly: Avoid opening your mouth when chewing. Avoid putting your elbows on the table. You have to also mind the way you drink and behave around your date. Behave yourself by not drinking to a pup. Also, avoid phone rings, as this is another form of distraction. Imagine someone talking to you then goes to answer/make a call, how would you feel? I am not saying that you shouldn't pick a call, but do so when it’s necessary and excuse yourself before leaving. That’s fair enough.
  • Be conversational: You have to talk and give way for your date as well. You shouldn’t be the talker. Also pay attention to what he/she is talking and don't make it an argument. Don't just answer your date for Christ sake, but try to understand what he/she is up to. Remember that, the reason why you’re out is to get to know each other. And finally, complement her. Girls like to be appreciated. They like to know that you appreciate what they wear and what they say. Let your date know how much you like her dress, smiles, beauty etc. It’s up to you to make that choice.

Final words on what to do on a date

As a guy, you should give your date a lift except she brought her car. Let your date also know how much you enjoy his/her company. If you both feel the same, then it’s very ok to plan for a second one.

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