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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

What to do after a breakup

What should I do after breakup?

Do you know that one of the reasons many people fail to get over their loved ones after breakups boils down to what they do after breakup? And that’s why the majority of people tend to fear breakups.

And in most cases, they fear not only because they love their partners, but to certain extent, it’s based on how they’re going to feel right after the breakup. If this group of people knew what to do after a breakup, they will probably see no reason fearing the occurrence of it.

In my book Getting over your ex in few days, I explained with specific and practical examples how people get hurt not really because of the breakup nor their partners, but based on how their minds perceive it and how they can program their mindsets to get over the breakup in just few days. Ands that’s why what seems difficult to you may seem simple to another being and vice-versa due to how we perceive the task, right?

And this is what am going to be talking in this article; what to do after a breakup so that, if you practically apply them, you will certainly also used it to get over the person as well.

What to do after a breakup

  • Make sure the breakup is certain: In most of my articles on breakups and recovery, I always emphasize on the state of the relationship because, one can only successfully cope when he or she must have known whether the breakup is temporal or certain only then can the recovery process starts. In many cases, I always tell my people that it’s better to first spot of the certainty immediately after a breakup before getting over the person.
  • Stop visiting the old places: One of the mistakes most people usually do after a breakup is that they continue to visit the places they always go together with the hope of meeting their partners there. This kind of mistake is really big to commit because it renders you with hope that you can still sort things out thereby increasing the pain. This method only works well when there are still hopes of fixing the relationship but If you’ve made your mind to completely forget him, you should equally avoid all the restaurants, bars, clubs, malls, roads, his/her friends etc.
  • Start thinking of their flaws: Still in the book Getting over your ex in few days, I explained how just by reflecting on someone’s faults or mistakes of deeds done in the past ignite certain degree of hatred for the person and this is one of the things you should do after a breakup. Start visualizing their flaws, where they went wrong, some of their poor attitude you never liked, etc. and before you know, you start developing a cool mind towards them thereby seeing no reason of being with such a person. Those are some of the things you ought not to do after breakup.

Do just the right thing after a breakup

It takes just days for anyone to get over the worse breakup. The reason some people take longer than the usual period is when they dwell out of the rules. This therefore means that knowing what to do after a breakup is the key factor and this is nothing more than avoiding all the good times and happenings you shared in the past.

Remember that what makes people important to us is when our subconscious mind tends to see something favorable about them. So in this case, when you avoid old good memories, your subconscious tends to consider the person less important just as someone you met on the street.

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