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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

What is true love?

what true love is

Based on my research, it’s certain that, majority of people who broke up early wasn’t because of the relationship itself but based on other self-pursuits.

That's why people who dive into relationships/marriages in order to attain some unmet needs are like not to experience true love before breakup strikes.

This equally means that for you to experience what true love looks like, you must first start by putting the relationship ahead of other interests only then can love exists.

What is true love?

There are many qualities that determine what true love is or looks like but among them, one happens to be the ability for the other partner to love you for who you are.

George usually tells Marilyn that she was very beautiful and she's all he needs. When confronted, he told his parents she’s just another friend. At least it's understandable he mightn't want his parents to start judging.

But to certain degree the love existing between them isn’t really true love because Gorge also tells others like friends and neighbors she’s just someone at school. This happens not to be one of the qualities that make love. Maybe there were certain ugly things about her but if he has accepted her, he ought to accept everything.

Someone experiencing true love for you doesn't mind about your dark side, your looks, your poor background or your ugly past. He'll totally accept and be proud of you that way. He doesn’t necessarily have to hide your true identity or give false impression for social approval (see the 7 qualities of a good partner).

What is true love? A combination of good and bad

Are you sure of any perfect human being? Certainly not! Then what if you made slight mistake and it turns out to be a call for shouting, quarrels, blames, breakup, do you think this is what true love is?

True love doesn't know whose fault . Both parties admit and make apology if necessary. During most of my Coaching sessions, it usually takes me less than a day with a couple to determine the kind of love they share. This is because I know most of the qualities of true love and when interrogating, I spot out these aspects.

To cut this shot, true love knows nothing such as misunderstanding, quarrel and their elder brother; breakup. If you manage to ask any successful couple what their secret is, they’ll probably start by telling you something like “the base of our relationship all this while has been nothing but genuine love for one another…”

What is true love? What you feel not what you hear

Do you think true love can be influenced by external forces? This question might surprise you but I want you to know that during my Coaching sessions, I’ve managed to meet many divorced couples whom their being divorced were rooted by influences from people out side their marital life.

But this is quit the reverse when experiencing true love. When a good partner receives a critical comment about his partner, he/she doesn’t confront the partner in some hideous way but talk it over with them.

If someone is experiencing genuine love for you, he/she doesn’t get moved by external pressures from friends, relatives or parents. No matter what, he/she will always be there for you even in your down times.

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