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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

What causes love addiction?

What causes love addiction?

What is love addiction? Love addiction is the process by which someone relies on his/her relationship/partner in order to meet up with their needs. Love addiction is also when one partner tends to consider the other as part and parcel of their lives. Love addiction is also the process where one partner can’t do without the other.

At least now we know what love addiction is but the question is; what really causes love addiction? How does it begin? Is there any form of consequence?

These are some of the questions I’m going to be talking in this article today.

What causes love addiction? Low self-confidence

I begin with low self-confidence because it’s in the top of the list for love addiction. The inability for someone to cultivate solid self-confidence equally leads to love addiction in matters of relationship. How does it work? It’s very simple! When a partner is suffering from low self-confidence, it destroys his/her will power for independence; so he/she depends on the relationship/partner for strength and survival.

Let’s say you’re living with a person because you believe he/she is the only match for you, with this impression in mind, you’re likely to fall into any circumstances manipulated by them. But what if you had the courage to turn down what you never liked? What if you knew they’re dozens of potential partners out there who could love and show you what real love is? But the gap between you and the will power is low self-confidence which equally leads to love addiction.

What causes love addiction? Inferiority complex

Inferiority complex is also another root cause of love addiction. For example, most people who have limited or no love relationship usually attribute it to their inferiority complexes or their attractive level, and the funniest thing is that most of them hold this belief very strong in their minds that gradually develops into love addiction in many other forms.

Let's assume that later on they got partners or married, what’s going to be the main deal? Love addiction. Why? In the past they were faced with difficulties getting partners and since they’ve gotten one, they don’t want to lose him/her and the end result is love addiction. This kind of impression makes them cling much on to the relationship. This is one of the reasons why such people usually take months is not years getting over breakups due to love addiction.

But what if they knew that inferiority complex is just what a person feels about himself and not what others see? What if they knew how to attract potential partners? In the book, 'How to make someone fall in love with you', it explains how you can gradually attract potential partners without having to do makeups or going beyond your boundary.

What causes love addiction? Fear of the future

Do you know that as a result of fear of the future, one might become love addict? Let's say you’re already aging or that you’ve been busy all through life and only decide to settle down for marriage now but you’re not getting one either. At this moment, you’ll be desperate with the impression that time is no more at hand.

At this moment, you’re likely to cling to a partner with the hope that you might run out of time or never get married. At this moment, marriage isn’t really the problem. The problem is the ability to secure the future/marriage and this is where love addiction comes in; from there, you become addicted just to secure the relationship.

What causes love addiction? Past relationship experiences

Most of the times, our past life experiences project or influence our day-to-day activities in many other ways. Some times, we form habits and life styles in order to either copy or avoid the errors of the past and the same thing happens in relationships. Let’s say in the past you’ve been having difficulties getting along with most of the partners you met, the tendency that it will affect your relationship in the future is certain.

Within two years, Pascaline dated about twelve guys without any form of hope of ever being with any of them not to even talk of marrying any. She was really bothered to the extent that all she needed was just a spouse and no nothing else.

She finally got married to this guy and did everything to make sure the relationship continues. That was a good idea but she over does it to the point that they now go almost everywhere together. When asked, she admitted that “Protecting the relationship was the best way to avoid what happened in my past.”

If you take a kin look, you’ll discover that her thoughts originated not on the present but from her past relationship experiences with others; all what she went through and so, it affected her relationship.

There're many other reasons as to the causes of love addiction but the above mentioned is the root causes but in case you want to get the solution, then jump to this article, how to get over love addiction.

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