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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

What causes inferiority complex?

What causes inferiority complex?

Unlike any other bad habit, the feelings of inferiority has its origin, what ignites and its solutions as well. The reason inferiority highly target some people is rooted in the fact that they never really take the signs seriously till it becomes a habit.

That's why I usually tell related clients during my coaching some of the easiest ways inferiority complex develops and how it could be eliminated in few days just as any other bad habit people form.

But in this article I'm not going to waste time telling you how to overcome inferiority complex since I've already written something about that.

But today I'm going to focus on what causes inferiority complex so that if you discovered any of the symptoms, you'd easily overcome it just as how you take your drugs.

What causes inferiority complex

The main cause of this habit is usually rooted in our thoughts. It's how we perceive these thoughts that give birth to inferiority complex. Let's say someone tells you that you're having a poor self-image and you believe that, that's where the problem lies. For some one to say something doesn't necessarily mean he's correct. It may still be drawn out of jealousy or curiosity.

The worse part is that when you believe it, it becomes rooted in your subconscious mind to the extent that you now feel inferior among others, even those you're physically above. That was just a programing you believed and not how others perceive it.

When you give much priority to other people's say, you equally give them a safe passage to your subconscious mind because that's where every thoughts and beliefs form to become habits and hobbies. For example if you usually accept everything people say they might some day say you're unable or lacking the skills to do something. That's one cause of inferiority complex because not that long, you'll believe them and become inferior to skilled people.

Parenting mistakes

Do you know that some adult still live with inferiority complex which originated from teen years under which they were brought up? At the age of 29 Nelson was still afraid of taking risk or beginning something new. When examined it was certain the habit surged from childhood.

His mother usually labeled him names whenever he made even some frivolous errors They even screamed when his grades declined from Bs to Cs. As a result he grew up trying to avoid his past experiences by avoiding taking risks or doing something new.

This becomes an inferiority complex in him because whenever he even does something and blunders somewhere along the line, he tends to feel inferior about himself especially among those who got it well. That's one way parenting mistakes can cause inferiority complex in children, even when they become adults.

Another example on the causes of inferiority complex may be seen with parents who over protect or pamper their children. Such parents usually build inferiority complex in them when they grow up. Due to such treatment, the child never learned necessary skills to combat real life. When he grows up and starts building his own life, he tends to feel inferior and lagging in society.

Societal notions

Social programing happens to be also one of the causes of inferiority complex in people. In a society where they believe that tall people usually give birth to healthy children, automatically all short people become inferior in the society.

On the other hand what if this society was wrong? Or that it was a society where equality rains, would short people feel bad about themselves? There wouldn't have been any need for such feelings pondering short people in the first place.

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