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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

What causes failure in life?

Why some people never succeed

Almost everyone wants to be successful in life and for this reason; one of manís objectives in life is to succeed in what he desires. And so, itís this strong desire behind manís objectives that makes man to attain success.

Since almost every conscious human being wants to be successful, the most obvious question should be;
why do some people fail in life when behind their purpose is success?
Why would someone makes up his mind for success and attain but failure?
Have you ever thought of why things at times tend to be the exact opposite of the intended desire?

Today in this article, I am going to be talking on some of the things that hinder many people from succeeding in life and how they can turn this failure into success.

What causes failure in life?

Below are some of the main causes behind the reason why many people fail in life despite a clear vision of their goals in mind.

  • Inadequate skills: One of manís greatest failures in achieving success in life has been with the issue of inadequate or lack of necessary skills to get what he wants. Because of this, many people have become failure consciousness as a result of skill barrier. This is because, everything achievable in life demands some kind of skills before success comes.
  • How to apply the skills: Everyone knows that before one succeeds in anything, he/she must have adequate knowledge of the subject matter. But what many of them do not really know is that, having the necessary skills but lacking the ability to apply it still boils down to failure in life. That would just be as someone having the power to fight but canít fight even a layperson and so, becomes self-defeated.
  • Lack of knowledge: You may be surprised to know that lack of knowledge also contributed to many peopleís failure in life. Even when one has to acquire new skills, he needs the help of knowledge to do this. This therefore means that when people are slow about acquiring knowledge, it acts as some kind of barrier to them in life.
  • Lack of kick-starter: Like in the domain of business and other similar fields, some peopleís failures come as a result of kick-starter (capital). Some people have the knowledge and required skills to succeed in this kind of field but due to what it takes to get going, they are bound to remain under the spell of failure and this is one the major factor that causes failure in life(lack of necessary capital).
  • Carelessness: Another reason is the habit of carelessness. Do you know that they are many people who have succeed in life but because of mismanagement coupled with carelessness bring them back to ground level? That is why most successful people are not those with such habit.
  • Fear of defeat: This kind of fear is enough to defeat many people and itís no wonder why many people get stuck when it comes to starting new task or ideas with the fear of criticism from others coupled with the fear of opponents in the field.

How to be successful in life

There are other minor factors that contributed to the reason why some people never succeed in life but what are listed above are just the main factors in almost every domain of life.

In order to be successful in life, you must avoid these factors by going differently when necessary. Success is nothing other than the state of oneís mind and his ambition.

One Psychologist once said ĎSuccess is the state of oneís mindí and he was right. If you decide to be successful, you will. If you see yourself as success, you will walk in the path of success.

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