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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

What causes criticism?

Dealing with criticism

So, I took up this article as some kind of a start; to help you understand the reason behind people who criticize others and how to deal with them without feeling one bit of it.

But before I explain to you some of this process, I will first of all start by explaining some of the reasons that cause people to criticize others, right?

What causes criticism?

There are many reasons behind someone criticizing another person but I also want you to know that each personís reason maybe somehow different from the second and thatís why in this article, am going to give just the general causes, right?

But before I do that, do you know that one of the main reasons people criticize others is lack of self-esteem? The probability that when someone lacks self-esteem, he will likely criticize others is very high. With this kind of situation involving this kind of people, they can easily criticize for you for very little or no cause.

This is because people suffering from low self-esteem have the tendency to always compare with others and when they fail, they tend to project their feelings in the form of criticism in order to feel better. These are people who never managed to satisfy their desires directly. They know of no other way of doing it rather than using other peopleís flaws to feel better.

In one of my articles, 'How to build self-confidence', I explain how you can develop your self-confidence and self-esteem in order to completely deal with criticism and rejection.

Criticism as a form of Jealousy

Have you noticed that when people are jealous they tend to be critics? Yes, it totally correct. For example, I got a mail from one of my loyal readers asking me if itís possible to be actually jealous and critic. When I told her itís totally possible, she was surprised but I donít see no way out.

Criticism as a form of failure in achievements

Do you know that past failurest to get what people desired in life easily move or influence them in developing certain poor habit? For example, letís say with the cases of students when the end of year exam has been written and the result published.

Do you think failed students will be happy for those who passed at that moment of the result? That will be impossible!

This therefore implies that when the majority of people failed in the past to achieve what they had wanted, the probability that they will criticize anyone with that same achievement is high, right? And thatís why you will see one politician criticizing another due to his failure to be there.

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