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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to know if you're in love with someone

How to know if you're in love with someone

There are many signs that can lead one to know if he/she is in love. Among these signs, the simplest is examining certain changes in you as well as newly developed feelings. These changes range from your past experiences, your present state of mind, and how you feel when you think of him/her.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained how the falling in love process starts gradually in the subconscious mind and how you can reverse it to make someone find you very attractive even for the first time. Since this article isnít talking about that, Iím going to limit my self only on the feelings you develop unconsciously after falling in love with someone.

But before I do that, let me first tell you why some of us may doubt our feelings during the falling in love process.

What makes us doubt our feelings

There are certain reasons why at times we tend to doubt our own emotions for someone. In most instances, this happens when the relationship with the person began as a result of friendship, classmate, or someone used to us.

If it happens that we start developing love for them, the process will be gradual and this is how we came to doubt our feelings if we are in love or just a feeling for a closed one. One challenging fact here is that how we used to feel for the person will no more be the same.

How to know if you're in love with someone

Based on psychology thereís no feeling that can't be interpreted. This means that if you have doubted your feelings for someone, then you have to follow the below mentioned to see if some of them match your deepest feelings, right?

  • Nothing distracts you: You may be in love with someone when you just canít stop thinking of him/her despite all the majors taken to prevent that. When youíre alone, who do you think of? If it happens to be the person, then the probability that youíre in love with him/her is high.
  • Uneasy around him/her: As humans, whenever weíre in love with someone without his/her concern we tend to feel some level of anxiety and uneasy when around them. The process continues like that till our aim is known. If you find yourself in such situation, know that itís a sign to show that youíre in love with someone.
  • Every day is like a new day: Whenever youíre in love with someone or start developing love, you tend to feel happy when he/she talks to you. Thatís a universal fact which canít be denied. Therefore, if being with them seems like a day or ignite some bits of happiness in you, then, youíre probably in love especially when it happens with the opposite sex.
  • Seem as sharing everything: Another sign is when you feel as to share almost everything/good time with him/her. It can be anything ranging from items, letters, ideas, greetings, experiences etc. This reflects nothing but love.
  • Personal focus: Itís true that when youíre in love with someone, you have no focus or interest for anyone other than him/her. If you donít care of about your affections in public like holding hands or touching, then youíre badly in love.
  • I can do anything! Another great factor is when you believe you can do anything to make him/her happy without considering how youíre going to do it. When having such thoughts it definitely means that youíre in love. This step is very effective in general because we unconsciously believe that by doing so will express and make our love open. This is also a sign of love.

Final say on how to know if you're in love

If you happen to have realized some of these signs in you, then this is no doubt that youíre in love. The greater the number of signs you see, the more youíre in love. If youíve not seen the first version of this article, itís recommended to jump to it now.

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