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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

The psychology of words

The psychology of words

Do you know that most of the words we use influence our present mood or others? Do you know that just a simple three-letter word is sufficient to transform a person's life?

We have to be selective in our use of words because some of the behaviors people develop originated based on the programming of words - what they hear and what they say.

The psychology of words we use

A recent research showed that people who tend to use mild words on others tend to portray it. That's why people who usually use hash words are likely difficult to get along.

Same thing happens to a child and his parents. For example, if a parent keeps repeating to a child over trivial issues that he's a failure or that he can't do anything.

The child might grow up believing that he's a failure in life or that he has to be perfect - something which is almost impossible.

The biggest question is, why did be believe he's a failure or that he has to be perfect before succeeding?

It boils down to the psychology of words he's been programmed by his parents as a teenager.

Lazarus always tells Emma that he's a reckless driver but Emma never believed until he had an accident. From then Emma started believing what Lazarus has been saying but does it really mean Emma was a bad driver when he had the accident?

His car was seriously hit from behind by a trailer but because he's been believing the words of his friend, he tends to believe he's a reckless driver and that's how the psychology of words people use on to us and us onto others affect each other in many other ways.

The psychology of words in music

Do you know that just the daily MUSIC we listen have a great influence in our lives? In my book Getting over your ex in few days, I said that divorced and break up people tend to find pleasure in sad music because the words coming from the music resonate with their present situation.

And same thing is the reverse of people listening to hot music. When they do, they're likely to get moved than when they didn't listen to any.

For example youths who tend to find much interest in rap and Hip Hop music tend to behave such as the rappers. Why? It's the psychology of the words contained in the music that transform them toward that path.

Those are some of the instances that illustrate how the psychology of words are very powerful in one's life.

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