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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

The one concept

The one concept

The one concept happens to be when someone completely considers his/her partner as the only perfect match for them.

While others see the one concept as someone who matches the greater percentage of their love criteria, others perceive this as a form of weakness.

This is because, many people tend to believe that the down side for the one concept is just too heavy, but looking at it from the other angle, it plays a bright role as well.

I guess this is why people who believe in the one concept tend to build love and trust for their partners. At least considering your partner as the best match helps to bond the relationship toward prosperity, right? I don't yet see anything wrong with that.

The one concept and forgetting someone

Everything about the one concept is nothing but good except when experiencing the other coin of relationship, that's when the one concept tends to attract emotional pains.

Joe finally convinced Melisa into a relationship and she saw nothing awkward about Joe and so considered him as the only one and soul mate. One summer evening, Joe's parents disapproved of the relationship and few weeks later, Joe finally decided to end the whole thing and sent a cut-off mail to Melissa.

It didn't take that long before Joe got over her while on the other hand she's still lamenting. The obvious question is; why is she unable to forget Joe while Joe already get over her?

If you take a deep watch you'll see that she considered Joe as the one while Joe loved her but never saw her as the only match and so he recovered as soon as he knew the whole thing is off.

Yes, it's correct to love your partner as much as you can but considering him/her as the perfect match/the one is where the problem lies especially if one partner doesn't see it this way. In my book, I explained how the one concept starts and how it can be used to forget someone in just few days.

As humans we have certain love criteria that determine if we're going to love Mr/Mrs X (see Reasons for falling in love). If someone falls in love with you and you do same doesn't necessarily guarantee the fact that someone can't love you more. When you consider someone as the one, you tend to miss in other areas of your life.

For example, if some kind of breakup happens, you'll likely to remain broken due to the fact that the one concept is rooted down in your mind; that he was the only one who can show you love. This thought destroys every hope of attracting potential partner into your life again and makes the recovery process almost impossible.

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