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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Succeeding in business

How to succeed in your business

I usually tell most of my students during couching that, those who failed in achieving success in business never had anything to do with their level of investment. They failed not because of the level of their capital but based on how they invest in it.

Most of them only know how to invest, but never care to know how the path of success looks like. That’s why, when you look around, you tend to find many individuals frustrated as a result of wrong investment coupled with mismanagement among themselves.

See 'Why can’t I succeed?' for more reasons as to why some people quickly fail not only in businesses, but in other fields of life.

Succeeding in business is easy

So all you have to do is to follow and practically apply the steps below in order to discover business success.

  • Look for cheaper source of supply: Succeeding in business is nothing more than cutting down your price to let your product be attainable by everyone. But how are you going to do that when you sell according to your purchase price? In order to overcome this step, you have to take supply from the cheapest source of supply. Look around and spot out the best source of supply. This is because, when you buy moderately, your price will equally be moderate as well for every customer.
  • Money back guarantee: If you sell certain technical goods or supply certain services, it’s always good to place money back guarantee to your customers. This gives your customers the assurance to order your products/services. If you are sure and certain of your product, you won’t bother since no one will place charge back on them, right?
  • Who are your customers: Succeeding in business does not necessarily mean you set it up and expect some of kind of magic in return of profit. This therefore means that, before you succeed, you have to spot out who your customers are and target them. This is one of the methods almost all companies apply. If they want to sell out tennis shoes, they tilt it towards young people and when for sport equipment, they tilt towards sport clubs etc. So, what are you offering? To whom are you looking for? Where could they be found?
  • Educate them: another way in which you can easily succeed in business is by educating your customers on how to use your products and bring out the importance of it to them. For example, not everyone knows how to use certain electronics and those people will never know the use of it if they just see it. So, by showing them how it could be some kind of benefit to them, will actually increase your present sales or increase it some other day, right?
  • Listen to what they say: One of the reasons why when products are made, later on, another version is released is because, the first never satisfied everyone. And so, this helps them come up with another improved version that satisfies the majority. This therefore means that, in order to succeed in business, you must listen and accept any comment or criticism from customers and this is what is going to let you improve, right?
  • Give out coupon: With this approach, your customers will be forced to come back next time as a result of the coupon rather than going to start a new contract somewhere. Every customer likes discount and so, if you satisfy them in this regard, they will always come back the next time.

Final words about succeeding in business

As you can see almost all of these methods can easily be adopted and applied. If you managed to ask any famous business person how he/she managed to survive in the world of business, he will start by letting you know much.

But among the things that he will tell you, include these methods above. I am able to tell you all this since I also managed to succeed in business and so I am letting you know just what others and I did.

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