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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Signs to show that someone loves you

Signs to show that someone loves you

In most of the cases I have experienced, a person will hardly express what he/she feels except when they’re sure of yours and this happens most with females (some males are not excluded). Nevertheless, based on relationship psychology and human behavioral science, you can still know if someone loves you just by having a close chat with their friends, monitoring your victim’s unconscious activities, and how they behave/react around your presence, right?

In this article today, I won’t make a joke of myself by insinuating that am going to illustrate all the signs in just an article. In fact, this topic is so broad that if I have to illustrate the A-Z, then you will probably read something ten times this if not more. But still, I am going to spot out nothing but the most important signs that most people unconsciously display when in love with someone and dump the rest.

This is because the human nature is such a way that some humans prefer to become a dormant lover than to grow the courage to openly express their desires and love. If such a person falls in love with you, in no circumstances would you expect them to say anything to that direction but if you spot this love from them, it will help in some ways to ease the eventual process, right?

Is it possible to know if someone loves you?

Knowing if someone is in love with you is neither a magical science, something beyond us nor something no one ever does. People have been doing it successfully and what more of you? The process is nothing more than examining the person’s previous ways/characters/behaviors and observing how they behave at present each time around you. In order to do this, you’re going to answer these questions; when your name is called how do they behave/react, do they try to know why? Do they turn in your place when your name is called? Do they like calling you by your name?

How do they treat/behave with others in your same circumstance and how do they treat/behave with you under same circumstance? Are the treatments the same? If there is a difference between how they behave among others and yourself, there should be something currently running in their subconscious minds that could either be either be interpreted as positive or negative else the treatment would have been equal. But based on how they behave, you will be able to interpret if they mean good, right?

Signs to show that someone loves you

Below are some of the main signs that when someone is in love with you, they unconsciously display without any clue of the signals and the massages they are passing on to others :

  • Usually contented around you: When we are faced with someone who always bullies us, we tend to be arrogant with the person. What if it was someone we loved so much, are we going to be arrogant? Far from that! The reverse will now be different. This is simply because each time we’re with the person (lover), we tend to feel at ease, impressed and comfortable around their presence. From the above, you can see that when someone is in love with you they feel comfortable when around you and they usually express a lot of smiles especially when talking and this doesn’t happen without a purpose. It happens as a result of the sweet hormones developed within and in return, this portrays a true sign of love.
  • Always by your sight: In my book, "How to make someone fall in love with you", I explained the importance of staying by someone’s sight so as to increase your perceive attractiveness and the same thing happens when someone is in love with you. They unconsciously stare at you without knowing they’re showing signs of love.
  • Compliment you to others: One of the signs to show that someone is in love with you is when they constantly tries to talk about you to others and in some situations, they may try to divert the current topic and reflect to you. This happens so because when we find new experience in our lives, in return we tend to seek others’ acceptance and by so doing we’re just trying to let others compliment our partners as well.
  • Showing interest to your relations: If a person who never cared about your brothers/sisters, parents, relatives and friends starts talking and begin showing personal concern in them, is an indication of love for you. This is just an indirect sign to show that they care about you and this is because no one likes to prop into the lives of others without at least, a purpose but in this case, the purpose here is you. This is just another way of knowing certain things about you and the purpose behind this is love else, they would have prop into the life of anyone they come across.
  • Calling for little or no purpose: One of the signs to show that someone loves you is by determining the type of calls they make to you. This is because, when the majority of people are in love, they usually try to hide their feelings and one way to spot out such people is that, they will start doing unusual activities just to silently free their minds. For example, they might send unnecessary text massages, mailing without any useful content (sometimes just greetings), sometimes they might call for nothing important or just to say hi or to confirm something they already know so well. All this are signs to show love.
  • I like how you look: Someone who is in love with you will constantly compliment and remind you how beautiful/handsome you are. They will do almost everything to see that, you’re impressed. If you live with someone who is fun of doing this, then he/she loves you. This sign has more strength especially if it came from the opposite sex.
  • They mold situations: Another sign to show that someone loves you is that they place traps on you. This is by creating certain circumstances to appear as coincident when it’s not. For example, they might know so well that you usually take certain roads for work/school/shopping or that you’re usually at a certain place and they appear there just to make things appear natural. But this is no coincidence because they knew so well you’ll be there and they wanted you to see them as well.

Final words on signs to show that someone loves you

As I mentioned above, if someone loves you and decides to become a dormant lover, without a help or even a word from them, you can still know this. All you have to do is to try and see if you can identify some of these signs in them and the more you find, the greater the possibility that they are in love with you.

But on the other hand, you have to make sure you’re not only spotting out one sign as this might happen by chance or that is his/her character. Therefore, in order to be certain, try to interpret every words and behavior when around them and see how many matches the signs mentioned above, right?

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