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Written by: Raymond Fohjem - April 11th, 2013

Signs to show that someone is not into you

Signs to show that someone is not into you

It's better living with a devil you know than with an angel you know nothing about. Very few people usually admit the fact that they're afraid to know the truth and so unconsciously choose to remain on the dark side. That's why someone may be complaining about his partner and at the same time refusing the truth when told.

The purpose of this article isn't intended for such people but those striving to know the true status of their relationships.

In this article, I'm going to be covering just how you can know if someone is not into you or into you for other selfish desires or whether they possess genuine love but just facing some stumbling blocks expressing it.

In case you may be wondering, before i got married to Amanda, I've had an awful past where i bubbled on some few dozen girls in order to meet up with the social status I wanted. Whenever I was done with any, the feelings i got after is no different from other guys'. So the below methods are backed by behavioral psychology, research and my personal experiences.

Signs to show that someone is not into you.

  • Constant sexual desires: One way to know if someone is not into you is clearly seen behind his purpose. Let's say he's interested in sex, in this case he won't really bother about your wellbeing other than his desire first. Even when they do express hospitality, you'll tend to see that it's centered just around the attainment of sex. Same thing happens if they're interested in one area of the relationship while ignoring the rest, this is just a clear indication that they're not into you but what interests them. In my book "Getting over your ex in few days" I explained how sex desires happen to hamper the recovery process and how understanding the psychology behind sex attraction can let you get over the worst breakup in few days.
  • Less visiting: During my university days, I dated numerous girls and maintaining them weren't that easy so I used to start by visiting less before I finally stopped completely. So, one of the signs to show that someone is not into you is that they'll start paying less visit as compared to the very first days of the relationship. Sometimes they'd not even be available and when asked they'd finally provide some dead-end excuses.
  • Flirting with others: If someone is contented and happy being with you, they'll not find any reason to cheat or flirt with others. In most of the cases I've witnessed it occurs when the victim is running out of love in his present relationship that forces him to seek it outside the realm of his relationship. In the article "What is true love?" I said that if someone possesses genuine love for you he won't even have the time to romantically admire the opposite sex, talk less of flirting.
  • Lagging in intimacy: Also, another sign to show that someone is not into you can be clearly seen in the realm of intimacy. In this case you'll discover that passion is losing effect daily while intimacy is crashing down. Even when kissing, it's like the kiss is missing something. Sometimes when saying something like "I love you", the proximity gap is too wide and very little or no time to holding hands.
  • Putting other activities ahead: A person who usually creates time for you even during busy schedules suddenly start closing this gap is also another sign. This point isn't really effective because he might have been added more schedule or promoted and as you know, these things usually come with more hectic. But if none of these occurred then it's an indication that he's only pulling back.
  • Less concern about the relationship: Another way to show that someone is not into you can also be seen when they're not striving for the success of the relationship: Always wanting to part ways, paying less attention, very little or no interest of commitment, having just little time to spend or hang around etc. This is just a sign, else he'd have taken every possible steps to meet up with the relationship criteria success.

Signs to show that someone is not into you

Just like in my previous article "Signs to show that a guy is not into you", I said that interpreting just one or two signs and stamp it on your partner isn't a wise decision.

In order to always stay on the safe end, you have to spot enough signs from the previous article couple with this one. Spotting just one sign may even lead you in committing more catastrophes. This is because sometimes we switch styles not because we don't love our partners but due to some life changes.

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