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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

Signs to show that someone is lying

Signs to show that someone is lying

In my previous article I said that people lie because they know their victims won't discover and if every lie was known there will be no need for liars' existence.

This was one of the reasons I wrote this article to teach you some of the signs to show that someone is lying and by letting your friends and closest people know of this article, coupled with the previous one, the tendency for lies telling will definitely degrade among you.

This is because everyone will be conscious about lies telling with the impression that the other person will interpret them. So the tendency of lies telling will decline dramatically.

Below are some of the methods liars detectives use to tract down liars and criminals within few minutes of interrogation.

Signs to show that someone is lying to you

  • Hidden palms: According to Neuro Linguistic Programing, open palm is usually associated with honesty and that's why someone lying will rarely expose his palm when initiating the lie except he's a professional liar.
  • Ostracizing eye contacts: Another signs to show that someone is lying is that they never or rarely look you in the eyes. There's a psychological reason behind this triggered by the subconscious mind. If they dare, is just as if their subconscious mind is telling them that you're seeing through.
  • Too much proofs: People who lie are less likely to be honest. For this reason, their subconscious minds tend to project this when they're being honest. For example, they'll tend to provide sufficient clues and much evidence when telling the truth. This is just a way of saying that "I'm not lying this time around!"
  • Thin sweat: Every emotion we experience is controlled by the state of the mind. So if you interrogated a liar for an extended time and discovered some thin sweat on their face or if you happened to shake hands with them and realize some sweat or slippery hands, most probably they were lying. If you were in a room and their face begins shining or reflecting, this is also an indication of sweat.
  • Lagging in speaking: Another sign to show that someone is lying can be portrayed in his talking manner. They're usually talk in a low tone and slow in speaking with uncountable verbal pauses. They do this in order to formulate images and what to say next.
  • Feels better when subject changes: If you were doubting someone and keep repeating a certain phrase or emphasizing on related topic, you'll discover that they'll tend to feel some bit of relief when the topic changes to something else. At least this assured them that the truth won't be found.

Final say on the signs of lies telling

Just like in my previous version, I said that in order to completely consider someone as a liar you ought to summon enough signs to show that he/she is lying.

But also, you have to consider the circumstances under which the person is. But if you managed to spot more than three no matter the circumstances, he/she might not be saying the truth.

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