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Written by: Raymond Fohjem - April 12th, 2013

Signs to show that someone does not love you again

Signs to show that someone does not love you again

In one of my previous articles "Signs to show that someone loves you" I explained some of the signs when some loves you he tends to possess, sometimes unconsciously. But in this article, I'm going to drift towards the reverse by showing you some of the ways to know if someone who once loved you does not love you again.

Just like in most of my articles, I usually say that before drawing the battle line you have to be certain and certainty only comes when you have spotted enough signs.

This is because you may mistake your partner for something when he was only influenced by uncontrollable circumstances. I think I've written enough articles covering this topic so you really have a complete guide to follow.

Listed below are some of the signs you'll be striving to spot out from your partner in order to be on the safe end, right?

Signs to show that someone does not love you again

  • Little or no romantic interest: When someone is no more interested in a relationship, one way to know this is clearly seen in the area of romantic connections. He'll suddenly start picking less interest in pecks, kisses and sex. Even during sex, it doesn't really feel complete. It's as if something is missing.
  • Does not show interest for reunification: Research shows that about 65% of couples experience temporary or permanent breakups with the first five years. Now if it were someone who does not love you again, he won't bother apologizing nor striving to bond the relationship again. Even when pushed by others, he'll tend to pay little interest or finally end up popping alibis to cover up.
  • keeps secrets: Another of these signs can also be seen when they start keeping things private like mobile phones, text messages, passwords etc. All this is a sign of lack of love and intimacy. In the article "Signs of cheating", I explained how keeping secrets away from the other partner can be interpreted as a sign of cheating.
  • Trivial promises: When you're with someone who usually promises to come over but never showed up, promises to buy something but never bought any, promises to call but never called, promises to take you out but never etc., then it's high time you start questioning his love. After all, someone who loves you won't lie nor fake promises.
  • Starts flirting: Another sign to show that someone doesn't love you again can also be seen in their interactions with the opposite sexes. Do they start making friends with the opposite sexes? Do they flirt with others? Do they hang out long hours? Do they give you same treatment? In my book "How to make someone fall in love with you" I explained why couples do flirt and how you can break through freely and restore love and happiness again.
  • Visits less: Someone who loves you wouldn’t mind paying you a visit ten times a day if that's what is going to make you happy but here's the reverse with someone who does not love you again. He starts visiting less and before you know he stops completely and when questioned he finally ends up with a mouth full of alibis.
  • No serious plans: He won't bother asking you nor making any meaningful plans for the relationship since it's not his main target but this is quite the reverse with a committed partner. They do everything thing to ensure the future survival and success of the relationship.

Final say on signs to show that someone does not love you again

As you can see, knowing if someone does not love you isn't something super natural or something totally impossible. In fact people are doing it daily by means of interpreting their partners’ unconscious behaviors and activities.

So all you have to do is to always try to spot some of these signs in your relationship/partner, right? At least, it helps you know where your relationship is heading.

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